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Tag: 龙凤网OJ Samsung Sets Up Note 7 Exchange Booths at Major Airports

first_imgThe Galaxy Note 7 is a complete disaster for Samsung. Not only has it been recalled once, but twice, and now it’s not going to be sold anymore. It’s even illegal to try and take one aboard a flight in the US and Samsung has had to ship out fireproof packaging in order for owners to safely mail back their faulty handsets.Now there’s another way to return your Note 7, and frequent travelers will be very happy to hear that Samsung is setting up Note 7 exchange booths at major airports around the world. Yes, that’s how big this problem is for Samsung–it needs manned booths at lots of airports.So far, the booths have been spotted at airports in Australia, South Korea, and the US, but more are sure to appear. An official customer service representative will be available at each booth to ensure your data is safely transferred off the fire-risk handset and on to another device. With Samsung actively trying to help Note 7 users buy another Samsung device, I’m sure the booths will be well-stocked with shiny, new alternatives. You may even get a $100 bill credit.These booths will be an especially welcome site for any frequent flyer who doesn’t have time to travel to a store, or who purchased their Note 7 in a country they won’t be returning to for months. All they need to do is allow enough time for the booth rep to carry out the data transfer and get them setup on a new handset.If nothing else, you’ve got to commend Samsung for its response to releasing a dangerous smartphone. They are trying really hard to get all the handsets back and ensure owners aren’t left without a phone. It’s just a real shame it happened in the first place, I hear the Note 7 was a great piece of kit.last_img read more

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