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first_imgGREGORY DIXON/Herald photoFor the Wisconsin women’s soccer team, having a pair of sisters on the squad is nothing new. In fact, the Badgers latest pair, Stephanie and Tricia Krombach, is the fourth set of sisters to play together in the last five years. Along with the Krombachs, Jenny and Kelly Kundert played together in 2000-01, Mary and Stacy Omundson shared the field in 2005-06, and Katy and Molly Meuer were teammates in 2004.Tricia, a junior forward, transferred to Wisconsin from Purdue during the offseason. For Stephanie, a sophomore forward, this presented a unique situation.”In high school, I was always the little Krombach, but when I came here, I had my own team and my own thing,” Stephanie said. “It was weird getting used to her being here, but she always is a really good role model for me and keeps me on track.”For Tricia, the decision to transfer from Purdue to Wisconsin really came down to differences in focus, attitudes, and values.”Purdue just was not my style. Basically, I just did not value the same things in a sport as the other girls did; I found those values here at Wisconsin,” Tricia said.In addition, the opportunity to be able to play with her sister, Stephanie, was another aspect that made transfer even more appealing for Tricia Krombach. “It’s great. I absolutely love it. I am very blessed to be able to play with my sister,” Tricia said.”I played with her in high school for two years, and now I get to finish my career with her.”On and off the field, Tricia and Stephanie are two very distinct individuals, and it shows in the ways that they interact with their teammates.”It’s kind of funny because they’re each really different,” senior forward Taylor Walsh said. “Steph is carefree, fun and relaxed; she lightens the mood when it needs to be lightened.Tricia is kind of the opposite; when things need to be serious and we need to get down to business, Tricia is the one to make sure that happens,” Walsh said.From a team standpoint, while they are both forwards, each of the Krombach sisters has their own strengths and each adds something different to the team.”[Tricia] brings a dimension of a pretty competitive mentality and a good physical presence especially in the air and in and around the box,” head coach Paula Wilkins said. “[Stephanie] brings the ability to get around the corner and to be able to create things in the offensive third.”The physical presence that Tricia brings to the Badgers likely has come as a result of her strong work ethic and perseverance in the weight room and in practice.”She is always really intense in practice, and she is always one of the hardest workers,” Stephanie said of her sister. “She is always really fit, so she kind of sets the bar for fitness for people to reach.”On Sunday, as the Badgers defeated Northern Arizona, Tricia had a huge impact, scoring the Badgers’ only goal in the eighth minute on a corner kick by Sheri Ferron.”It was awesome,” Walsh said. “I kind of whiffed the ball, and Tricia was right there to finish it; it was perfect because she was in the right place as the right time.” The goal for Tricia was her first of the season and as a Badger, but what made it even more special was the fact that it was the first goal of her collegiate career.”I didn’t know what to do; it kind of hit me as a shock,” Tricia said.”I just threw my hands in the air, but nothing came out of my mouth; I was just shocked that I even scored a goal.”last_img read more

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