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Tag: 上海ty店2020 Developing your beta version

first_img ShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,John Pembroke Since joining CUES in March 2013, John Pembroke has played a leadership role in developing and launching a new direction in CUES’ strategy, branding and culture. Under his guidance, CUES … Web: www.cues.org Details A colleague recently shared an article with me titled, “A Nudge for Learners to Stay in a Continuous Beta State,” by Damodar Padhi. In it, Padhi writes about how we all have two versions of ourselves: alpha and beta. Our “alpha” is the version of ourselves that everyone can see. It is our steady state that we are recognized for within our current roles. In contrast, our “beta” version, just like for software, is always in progress, and there may be bugs to work out.This idea applies well to talent development within our organizations. In talent development our “alpha” is the talent that has helped us become the organization we are today—and the processes and programs that helped us acquire and nurture that talent. In contrast, our beta version of talent development is what we need to be refining and improving to best respond to today’s volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world. How will we recruit, hire, retain and develop ourselves and the rest of the talent the organization needs to move forward successfully in the future?Here are a few tips on investing in your beta talent development:Recognize your beta potential. Whether it is an internal leadership development program or an engagement initiative, a lot of effort goes into creating processes and systems to support your talent. With so much time and energy invested, it can be hard to step back and see how it could be more efficient or effective. Be okay with examining your current processes to see how they can be tweaked to be more effective. Make learning accessible. Support staff in their desire to boost their own beta versions by creating a culture that makes learning not only accessible but encouraged. Whether you have online or in-person training available—or you leverage idea-sessions that support peer learning—help staff understand that learning is key to growing. CUES Learning Portal offers CUES members access to content to support their learning whenever and wherever the urge to learn hits.Know the needed skills. Understand what skills and behaviors are needed for staff to succeed individually and as a credit union today and in the future. What are the technical skills needed by your lenders or IT staff? What soft skills are needed by your current and future leaders? Nudge staff to work on their beta versions. They will eventually become the new alpha version of themselves and your overall organizational culture. CUES Consulting could help you.In his article, Padhi writes, “The moment we refer to the beta version of a type of software, our antenna goes up. We assume there will be bugs. We assume it is not ready for release. We assume there would be risk in using it. All this is true. It means that the potential of the product has not been exhausted yet.”The same is true of talent development. Continuous learning presents the opportunity to improve our beta versions into new, useful, organization-building, ROI-enhancing alphas.last_img read more

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Tag: 上海ty店2020 Trump and the GOP are laying the groundwork for a coup. Where are Democratic leaders?

first_imgDonald Trump’s refusal to accept the reality that Joe Biden won last week’s election is not merely an overgrown child’s tantrum. By deliberately seeking to undermine the results, Trump and a wide swath of Republican leaders are laying the groundwork to overturn them—an act that, were we watching it unfold abroad, we’d call a coup d’état. Just consider:Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell hasn’t acknowledged Biden’s victory.Sec. of State Mike Pompeo has promised there will be “a smooth transition to a second Trump administration.”Missouri Sen. Roy Blunt says that Trump “may have not have been defeated at all.”Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson says he won’t congratulate Biden because “there’s nothing to congratulate him about.”The White House is reportedly vetting appointees for a second Trump term.Attorney General Bill Barr has issued a memo authorizing federal prosecutors to pursue claims of voter fraud.And Trump’s legal team continues to pursue baseless litigation promoting unfounded conspiracy theories.These are not the actions of a president and political party prepared to peacefully hand over power after losing an election. They are the exact opposite: a deliberate strategy seeking to annul the expression of the popular will. It is a dangerous scheme that, at best, will fray confidence in our already fragile democracy. At worst, it will succeed and keep Trump in office against all right and all law.- Advertisement – – Advertisement – center_img This is, of course, exactly what we expected from Trump. But where are Democratic leaders in denouncing this with the righteous fury this moment requires? Why have we not seen Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, their chief lieutenants, and their most prominent allies all gather before the Capitol and, in one voice, expose this plot against America for what it is?We can’t just let Trump play out the string. We can’t, as one nameless Republican pleaded, “humor him” while we tell ourselves, “Jan. 20 can’t come soon enough.” The peril is too great. Trump’s attempted coup probably will not succeed, but that is not a good or acceptable reason to ignore it. Even if it fails, Trump can do great damage on his way out.Top Democrats must stand up for democracy while there is still time, to show the country and the world that we will not tolerate the GOP’s assault on this great nation and all it stands for. The stakes are too high to delay any longer.- Advertisement –last_img read more

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