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Tag: 上海419龙凤SX Sheikh returns 5 months later to meet with the squad

first_imgWithout prior notice, the owner and president of the UD Almeria, Turki Al-Sheikh, has appeared by surprise today at the Stadium of the Mediterranean Games. The news would not be news if it were not because the Saudi sheikh had barely been twice before in Almeria land, specifically, at the beginning of August, when he bought the Alfonso García shareholding package, and at the end of September, to give the first (and only one) press conference. Thus, Al-Sheikh returned to Almeria almost five months after his last visit. He did it lightning and after a month in the United States, where he has received surgical intervention (several sources point to a brain tumor). Before returning by private jet to his country he has made a stop in Spain to meet with the Indian staff after the worst bump of the Guti era. Both players – some did not know the Saudi – and the red and white coach have chatted with the owner in the room where they usually have breakfast. Among other aspects, the president explained what the promotion to First would report to them.We have not been able to capture images of the maximum shareholder of the Almeria entity, because security officials have limited a perimeter in the municipal premises of La Vega de Acá. The discretion has been maximum, putting the vehicles in the inner track of the Stadium of the Mediterranean Games. Also present at the facilities were scout Darío Drudi and agent Joao Gonçalves, important pieces in the Turki Al-Sheikh project.last_img read more

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