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Tag: 上海419龙凤Suskia Donald Trump Should Channel Steve Jobs on Security

first_imgWe saw yet another government breach last week, and more secrets went out to WikiLeaks. I’m of a mixed mind on this one, because the CIA tools disclosed likely were emulated by others, and WikiLeaks is helping consumer technology companies ensure they no longer work.I don’t know about you, but I really don’t want any organization spying on me — not even my own government. Given how I often dress around the house, this is as much for their protection as my own.When Steve Jobs took over, Apple also had a severe leak problem, and he was pragmatic about fixing it. Ironically, he used the U.S. government’s approach as a template. As a side note, Jobs also had a WikiLeaks problem, but whether it really was a leak or was fake news was never determined. Now that is an interesting coincidence, given the topic.I’ll offer some suggestions about what Trump could learn from Steve Jobs, and I’ll close with my product of the week: the Jetson TX2, an amazing high-speed drone that uses Nvidia’s value-priced digital brain, to ensure that it doesn’t get you into trouble.last_img read more

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