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Tag: 上海419龙凤SA Logitechs new wireless gaming mouse aims to be faster than wired mice

first_imgFor years, the conventional wisdom in the gaming community has been that if you want the fastest and most lag-free gaming experience, you needed a wired mouse. A few companies have released wireless gaming mice, with varying degrees of success. Now, input heavyweight Logitech is releasing a new wireless gaming mouse called the G900 Chaos Spectrum that it claims is even faster than regular wired gaming mice. I went hands-on with this mouse and compared it to one of the latest wired options to see if the age of wired gaming mice has come to an end.The basicsIgnoring the wireless aspect for a moment, the G900 is one of the most full-featured gaming mice I’ve ever used. The left and right buttons have mechanical switches manufactured by Omron and a hinged button surface for an extremely consistent tactile experience. The scroll wheel is one of Logitech’s hyper-scrolling designs, which I have been a fan of for years. On the left and right are spots for two buttons each, but these are optional. The buttons connect via magnets, so you can have them on both sides, just one, or none. You can pick your layout in the Logitech Gaming software suite. There are also two small buttons between the main buttons that cycle through your chosen DPI modes.Another thing that’s always made wireless gaming mice less desirable for me is the weight. The G900 is lighter than even a lot of wired mice at barely over 100g. By comparison, the Razer Ouroboros is 135g with the battery. Even the M65 Pro I’m testing with is heavier, though it does have optional weights that can make it heavier if you like that.Logitech worked to make the structure of the G900 very light, but the biggest step in that direction was using a smaller battery than other wireless mice have. I was initially skeptical about this — Logitech’s marketing focuses on gaming, and claims you can get up to 32 hours of use. That doesn’t sound like a lot, but what they actually mean is 36 hours of active use. You can play 36 hours of games, moving the mouse constantly. I’ve been getting four to five days of mixed use with the G900, both gaming and regular computer use. The Logitech software also breaks down your power usage so you can tweak it to extend life.The end of wires?Let’s get down to business — this is a wireless gaming mouse, so how can it be faster than a wired one? Logitech engineered a new RF radio specifically for this mouse, which when combined with the switches, allows your inputs to be registered a few milliseconds faster than conventional wired gaming mice. The main drawback here is that the receiver is only for the G900. It doesn’t support Bluetooth, and no other devices can use the same dongle.I can’t speak to whether there is a 5ms difference between the G900 and the mouse I’m using as a control (the Corsair M65 Pro RGB), but I do think they are on equal footing when it comes to speed. Both mice have 12,000 DPI sensors with configurable profiles. I like that the Corsair mouse has a “sniper” button that toggles on a lower DPI for fine control. However, you can set up a custom version of that on the G900. The accuracy is on-par too. I feel like I’m using a wired mouse when I’m gaming with the G900. The thing is, the M65 is less than half the price of the G900.If you’ve used wireless gaming mice, you might have noticed the connection can get glitchy at times. I know I have, which is why I’ve never been completely happy them. Logitech says it has engineered the G900 to have a stronger connection and better tracking than other mice. It has testing data to back that up, for what it’s worth. In real world use, I’ve been happy with the G900’s connectivity. My use case is kind of unusual as I often have multiple phones and tablets on my desk for testing, and all the RF can actually interfere with some wireless devices. The G900 hasn’t missed a step yet.So, the G900 Chaos Spectrum stands up to the latest wired mice, at least for me. That’s great, but you’ll pay handsomely for the privilege of leaving your wire behind. Logitech is charging $150 for this mouse, which is on-par with other wireless gaming mice (MSRP) in the past. Not everyone is going to be okay with that when excellent wired gaming mice like the Corsair M65 Pro RGB can be had for $60 or less. Still, if you need a high-end wireless mouse, the G900 is the one to get. If you don’t need a wireless mouse, I’d suggest getting the great value M65 Pro.last_img read more

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