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first_imgExactly one month ago, professionalization officially knocked on the door of the First Iberdrola. Clubs and unions then signed the first collective agreement for Spanish and European women’s football. An unprecedented milestone in the world that seeks to regulate the contractual aspect of the Primera players, collecting points as important as the minimum wage (12,000 euros gross per year), motherhood or injuries.Several weeks have passed since the staging of the firm, with presentation in the Congress of Deputies, and most clubs have started to deliver on what was promised: adapt the contracts to the conditions set out in the agreement. In total, it has been calculated that 40% of the players in the highest female category will see their work situation improve, with the marked increase in wages as a strong point.As AS has learned, there are no problems to highlight in the contractual adaptation, but the process is being slow, due to the novelty and the doubts that some procedures present for the clubs. It should be noted that all this time will not be lost for the players. The agreement is retroactive, with the date of application of the contracts on July 1, 2019.The main keys of this collective agreement– It will be of retroactive nature, with application date of July 1, 2019. It will end on June 30, 2020.–Extension and ultraactivity. This Collective Agreement will be extended in its entirety for successive periods of a football season (July 1 to June 30 of the following year) if not denounced, by either party, at least three months before the date of its termination or that of any of its extensions. During the extension of this agreement, an increase in the CPI will be established.– minimum salary from 16,000 euros gross per year to 75% partiality of the working day or, what is the same, 12,000 euros. In this line, it also includes compensation for all players who currently have contracts with a partiality or 50% working day, with a mandatory change to 75%. Thus, salaries that are between 12,000 and 15,999 will become 16,000 euros gross per year, applying a linear increase of 2,000 euros in which they are from 16,000 to 30,000 euros gross per year. – Maternity protocol: In the event that a player becomes pregnant, she will be able to access an automatic renewal without a limit in the contract. It does not include any section for breastfeeding.– Seniority Plus: the bonding award would range from 2,000 euros (6 seasons) to 3,500 (9 seasons or more).– The personal scope of application of the agreement: limited to players who are called at least twelve official matches with the first team or, where appropriate, ten games played.– Break of a day and a half weekly and holidays of 30 days a year.– Workday: 7 hours a day / 35 hours a week in semi-annual computation without including periods of concentration or displacement. In the case of home matches, the concentration will not exceed 24 hours, with the maximum period for away matches being 72 hours.– Economic consideration for the player of 15% of the agreed price in case of transfer or image rights (needs the agreement between the parties). In the latter case, it is established that for a player who exploits her image rights in her own name, the amount that the club satisfies her for the use of her image, name or figure for economic purposes will be considered a salary concept.-Compensation for death or disabling injury for any work activity. Regardless of the compensation that may correspond to the professional soccer player or his heirs, as a consequence of an accident resulting in death, absolute invalidity, which prevents him from carrying out any work activity and, provided that such event is a direct consequence of the practice of soccer under the discipline of the Club / SAD, it must indemnify it, or in its case its heirs, with € 60,000 for death, € 90,000 for absolute disability.-Prevention of workplace harassment.-Conciliation of family and professional life.-Measures in case of gender violence suffered by footballers.-Replacement program. The parties will make the best efforts to develop a soccer player relocation program at the end of their sports career.last_img read more

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