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Tag: 上海后花园Estrella Robots will soon replace some workers at Foxconn

first_imgFoxconn, a manufacturer of Apple products, hasn’t had the easiest relationship with its workers. With a spate of suicides and an explosion at one of the Taiwan-based company’s plants, Apple saw fit to look for a new manufacturer. Foxconn’s HR department may have to work overtime with the manufacturer’s plans to introduce more robots into the workplace.The robots will be tasked with simple assignments. Xinhua News reports that the robots would take care of “spraying, welding, and assembling.” This spells danger for current Foxconn workers as many of them are responsible for those tasks.The plan to introduce these robots will take place over the course of three years. As many as one million robots are slated to be introduced into Foxconn’s plants. Currently, Foxconn has approximately 10,000 robots in its plants. That will expand to 300,000 next year.This move is in place with the intention of cutting labor costs. That’s an awfully politically correct way to say workers are getting the axe, and it remains unclear just how many workers will lose their jobs.A robot takeover could be an HR disaster for a company that has received more negative press than it could ever want. The series of suicides last year prompted a number of pay raises and a no-suicide contract. The explosion in Chengdu forced that plant to close. While robots may cut costs, they will inevitably make many people unhappy, including the remaining workforce.The company’s current staff is said to be 1.2 million people. No estimate was given as to the impact the expanded use of robots would have on that number.Read more at Xinhua News, via Neowinlast_img read more

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