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first_img This article is only available to GBA Prime Members Sign up for a free trial and get instant access to this article as well as GBA’s complete library of premium articles and construction details. Start Free Trial Already a member? Log incenter_img The word “health” is usually reserved for living things. Our children can be healthy or unhealthy, and so can our pets and the apple trees in the back yard. But what’s a “healthy house”?Most people use the phrase “healthy house” to describe a house that either promotes the health of the occupants or, at a minimum, doesn’t make the occupants sick. Of course, everybody wants a healthy house: Who wants to live in a house that makes you sick?Several organizations have sprung up to promote healthy houses, including the Healthy House Institute, a group with this mission statement: “The Healthy House Institute provides consumers information to make their homes healthier.”While efforts to promote “healthy homes” is laudable, the efforts are stymied by a basic problem: beyond the obvious point that homes shouldn’t be contaminated by poisons like radon, carbon monoxide, lead dust, or friable asbestos, we don’t really know how to modify our indoor environment to make a house more “healthy.” Tracking down dangerous microbes Indoor surfaces are crawling with microbes — for example, bacteria and mold. Is it possible that some of these organisms are injuring our health?For years, many researchers assumed that the answer was yes. According to a paper by Brent Stephens (“What have we learned about the microbiomes of indoor environments?”), indoor environmental specialists have engaged in “decades of indoor microbiology research focusing primarily on human exposure to infectious agents and asthma/allergy triggers that yield adverse health outcomes.”As part of this effort, the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation has spent $50 million in the last decade on a research project called “Microbiology of the Built Environment.” Teams… last_img read more

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Tag: 上海千花 约会归来 HP Revolve Blurs The Line In Search Of Hybrid Heaven

first_imgIT + Project Management: A Love Affair fredric paul It’s not clear which approach buyers want, or if they want hybrid devices in the first place. Apple, which created the successful tablet market with the iPad, seems to think that tablets are more like giant smartphones, not slimmed down laptops. And unlike Microsoft, which built Windows 8 to work on both tablets and laptops, Apple uses one operating system for laptops and desktops and another for tablets and smartphones.It’s All About The HardwareIn many ways, it’s up to the hardware to determine which approach will work best, so I was happy to spend a few minutes with the Elitebook Revolve. According to Ajay Gupta, HP’s director of commercial notebook products (right), the Revolve is a notebook first, designed to be a knowledge worker’s primary computer. It includes just about all the features required in standard notebooks, and works with HP notebook docking stations.Here are the specs, per HP:11.6-inch, 1366 x 768 Gorilla Glass touchscreenIntel Core i3, i5 or i7 processorsUp to 256GB SSD storageAll-magnesium chassis, 8.35 inches x 11.22 inches x .8 inchAbout 3 poundsFull-sized, backlit, spill-resistant keyboard with bottom-case drainTrackpad720P cameraOptional 4G LTE broadband connectivityMicroSD slot, Micro-SIMTwo USB 3 and DisplayPort, Wi-Fi and near-field-communication connectionsEight- to 10-hour battery, 210 hours of standbyOptional pen, with clipFully serviceable drive bays HP enterprise management softwarePivot And FoldBut the specs don’t tell the story of the Revolve. The device’s entire reason for being is the way the touchscreen pivots and folds, from a normal laptop position, to lay flat over the keyboard, creating a tablet (though one twice as heavy as an iPad). Even cooler, you can stop the transformation half-way, leaving the screen pointed away from the keyboard to get a small presentation device. It’s a pretty slick system, and in the few minutes I got to play with it, the hinges and magnetic clasps worked well and had a reassuring solidity.Encouraging And ExcitingPersonally, I find these new forms arriving in the wake of Windows 8 encouraging and exciting. They’y represent continued innovation, and will hopefully lead to even more-useful designs. The new devices are exciting, because they’re new and untested. We don’t know how well they will work or whether they will solve problems. Top and bottom images courtesy of HP. Other images by Fredric Paul. With the emergence of Windows 8, hardware makers have redoubled their search for the right combination of full-featured laptop and super-portable tablet.Hewlett-Packard — like several other manufacturers — is betting on business laptops that swivel, twist and gyrate to become a reasonable facsimile of a tablet. HP’s candidate, the Elitebook Revolve, was announced Wednesday.In contrast, Microsoft’s answer, the upcoming Surface Pro tablet, uses an add-on keyboard cover to help it keep up with laptops.  3 Areas of Your Business that Need Tech Nowcenter_img Related Posts Tags:#hardware#HP#tablet Massive Non-Desk Workforce is an Opportunity fo… Heck, we’re still trying to figure out what those problems might be much less whether they’re best addressed with the Revolve or Surface Pro (or, for that matter, hybrids like the Dell XPS 12, Sony Vaio Duo 11 or Lenovo IdeapPad Yoga). Or maybe the need for true Windows compatibility is overblown, and the lighter iPad or Android tablet will do just fine.In the meantime, I’m thrilled just to see innovative new designs like the Revolve.I’d be even more thrilled if HP would give some hint about how much its devices will cost when they appear in March. Cognitive Automation is the Immediate Future of…last_img read more

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Tag: 上海千花 约会归来 ‘Inclusion is a mindset’

first_imgNayana Udupi was born as a boy in an orthodox family in Mangaluru. But she became an outlaw when she adopted the female sex and ran away from home to build a life on her own. “It took me 15 years to find a job. I have done my share of begging and commercial sex work and I’m not ashamed about it, since I had no other options,” she said. “It’s time we moved on from the learnings of Ramayana and Mahabharata. It’s time you stopped seeking our blessings and started giving us work.”Ms. Udupi was speaking at a panel discussion on inclusion in the corporate world, organised by the Organisation of Pharmaceutical Products of India last week.Neelam Jain, founder of PeriFerry, a social enterprise that creates sustainable and dignified livelihoods for the transgender community in India, helped Ms. Udupi in her placement at ThoughtWorks India, a global technology company. The idea, she said, started with a social impact fund that she received in her corporate job. She wanted to do something for the transgender community, and believes that if you make sure they are growing, the company is growing.“In my journey, I met some brilliant people from the community, much different from how we see them on the roads. I saw a lot of potential and value that the entire industry is missing out on,” said Ms. Jain. When the members of the transgender community get placed in companies, their families start accepting them too.Parmesh Shahani, head, Godrej Cultural Lab India, said at Godrej, LGBTQ+ inclusion is a part of the daily conversation. “For so many companies, LGBTQ+ inclusion is a box that you tick because your global parent wants you to.”The LGBT+ market in India, he said, is worth $200 billion. In 2016, the cost of exclusion due to homophobia was $32 billion. “A 200 billion market opportunity or the 32 billion cost of not acting on it, whichever way you look at it, it only makes sense to include the community. So, when you are being inclusive, you are not doing anyone a favour. You are only doing a favour to yourselves,” he said.Meenakshi Priyam, chief human resources lead, GSK India and representative of OPPI’s HR Committee, drew parallels with the sense of minority that everyone goes through in their career, “maybe because they are a native Hindi speaker in a big metro, or because of age, or because of being in a leadership team.”Anyone who has been in that space understands the value of inclusion, Ms. Priyam said. “There has to be an ownership and intent to enable inclusion. Inclusion is not celebrations of events that you forget the next day, but it is a mindset. There must be activities to show visible allies.”last_img read more

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