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first_imgWhen murmurs of a $199 Surface RT tablet hit the web recently, many couldn’t believe that Microsoft would go that low. Just as many felt the tablet would sell like gangbusters even for $100 more — and it now looks like that might be where the entry-level model will sit when it arrives next month. Will the Microsoft Surface RT actually sell for $299?Maybe, if CEO Steve Ballmer’s comments to the Seattle Times are an accurate indicator.Ballmer, of course, didn’t come right out and announce price points for Microsoft’s upcoming devices. But when Times reporter Janet Tu asked him whether the company would be competing with the iPad in terms of price or features, Ballmer offered an interesting response.First and foremost, he thinks the Surface is a competitive device in terms of features. Ballmer claims that many of the 7-inch tablets on the market are “chintzy” and “don’t look good.” He also doesn’t believe that consumers will use such tablets as productivity machines — whether that be banging out a homework assignment or polishing off a report for work. It’s put forward in such away to say “this is why the Surface isn’t going to sell for $199,” as the Kindle Fire HD and Nexus 7 Best Price at Amazon do.The “sweet spot,” Ballmer says, is somewhere between $300 and $700 or $800 when it comes to the PC market. He may be referring to Windows laptop sales — there are certainly plenty of low-end laptops that sell well for around $300, and the hottest Ultrabooks on the market keep prices at $800 or below. On reveal day, Microsoft said that Surface would be “competitively priced,” but we’re still left wondering what with. Is it Windows laptops, meaning that a $299 starting price is a safe bet, or will the company pull up alongside the iPad 2 at $399 instead?So while we still don’t know exactly what the Surface tablets will cost, we’ve got a better idea about what Microsoft’s plans are. And we also know that we won’t be getting one for free, like those lucky Microsoft staffers did last week.More at Seattle Timeslast_img read more

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