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Month: November 2017 To investigate whether ganji贵族宝贝 link quality links

hope that the majority of the chain of friends not to be called what is called how to build a high quality by a link to the article, more analysis, don’t always look up in the sky, also want to pay attention to the foot of the road, what kind of link is high quality links, the writer thought, if you love my words, please look forward to, thank you, this paper.

In the

can see from chart ganji贵族宝贝 PR and the weight is very high, familiar with the classification information of friends should know that as long as the original high, Ganji released the information within a day late will be included, Ganji can leave links with 2, the first one is pure text links (the quality is not high, cause you know) second is hypertext links (that is, we usually say the hyperlink) as shown in figure read more

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Month: November 2017 From the famous site of Shanghai Longfeng note love Shanghai optimize the development trend analysis

from this paragraph can be found, the more well-known search engine site investigation more strict, because the famous sites found relatively large impact on the Internet, sometimes plays a guiding role, if such a site is cheating, will lead to more site cheating, so love Shanghai to increase efforts to investigate, the famous site found cheating in a timely manner for treatment, the health of the Internet that play a role in promoting.

4, the focus on where the "sell home Links; a large collection of other web content, original content ratio is very low, even a large collection of site theme related content, or machine mass production of no value to the web page; advertising content occupied by a large number of." read more

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