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Month: August 2017 The webmaster rely on what to effectively maintain website traffic growth

, the continued expansion of the long tail keywords


, even if the keywords optimization up, and not to extend some long tail keywords, then your website traffic can only stay in the five thousand or so, and if the keywords ranking once lost, then the site traffic will also decline rapidly, so how to maintain the site traffic growth? So, to really want to effectively not because the keywords ranking drop caused traffic dropped rapidly, so owners need to continue to expand the site more long tail keywords, so can let the site to flow to the keyword is too single, the site traffic will not be because of a keyword ranking by lifting big impact. read more

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Month: August 2017 Understanding site traffic anomaly trace document

document also mentioned due to mismanagement (Pan domain analysis, the website was hacked, the server is linked to the horse), caused by the site right down, will cause the webmaster attention;

website traffic fluctuations nothing more than 3 reasons: abnormal fluctuations (website right down, adjust the algorithm), normal fluctuation;


document error setting causes mainly focus on maintenance, including abnormal CDN, UA/IP ban, Robots file shielding, the three is easy to overlook the inside is a Robots file, a lot of people when adjusting the robots file, accidentally blocked grab, to the search engine not index page; read more

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Month: August 2017 God is behind the Shanghai dragon may be doomed eternally

don’t know everyone is doing what the site, anyway I am art training, this is probably the characteristics of our business activities under the line may be more, because we are together online and offline enrollment, sometimes in the website ranking is not ideal, students are brought from the line, and the like I am certain of this city arts training site can be said to be in innumerable, fell in love with the sea three pages have turned up, in the face of such fierce competition, any new sites in this. read more

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Month: August 2017 Hefei mother using META tags quickly upgrade Shanghai dragon ranking

, what is the META tag

2, Keywords (keywords) have >

two, how to use the META tag

1, TITLE (title) TITLE is the most important one in all "label, use it is equivalent to the Search Engine Submission Web site name card, if he will love you in the search results page to your higher ranking. Our general analysis point of view, try to avoid using TITLE to write the absolute matching form, should tend to match or analysis, written in complete form. Because different search engines have different requirements for the number of TITLE characters, so we use which in response to the search engine optimization arrangement of the number of characters. In general the number of characters is less than 40 (equivalent to 20 Chinese characters) is appropriate, which meets the requirements of most search engines. In addition, in the TITLE if it contains different keyword phrases, should use the link connection symbol. Shanghai dragon in the connection of general symbol is "_", "-" and "|", especially pay attention to the difference before 2. The first symbol is used to Chinese characters, the second is the common language English character. Finally, avoid malicious accumulation of keywords in TITLE. You can see my sample web site < Title > ru21 Ann body composite films _ what _ hangover hangover medicine RU21 Ann body composite films < /title, > both the number of characters or special symbols are reflected in the Shanghai dragon. read more

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Month: August 2017 How to increase the chain webmaster

many people, especially bloggers, have given free information on the website, a lot of skills, others will be more than you. Then, the fact is the reader to understand more, even if you tell others what you know, you are still the expert, because you have direct experience, people will think you are a person can complete the work.

two: take the initiative to contact the transfer station. "


first of all, by sharing their knowledge to the visitors masses, can accumulate outside the chain, after all, if you provide valuable insights, other people will pay attention to you, but the reader may also send you the recommended connection to other friends. They will help you refer to those articles on them. This influence is far more important than the number of the chain. read more

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Month: August 2017 Love Shanghai recently K station to our enlightenment

, why love Shanghai K out of the station and most of them are medical site or Taobao

site directly pulled hair, one is not included rankings.


K station, where I was the group of crazy, meet is your website is K? My website is K you help me take a look at how you like, tell the truth, I have not encountered this kind of situation, I was very calm do some data analysis, including the K station before the section of the website content has included etc.. Many people will say, I also collected directly or copy of the article, I do nothing? Obviously, just a matter of time, 22 survived in the same site No. 28 did not survive, today does not k you, tomorrow maybe your ranking will disappear. A lot of people including have been pursuing what? With the shortest time to obtain the rank that he is very much, I also like one of my friends 4 days a new domain name to the new index of about 500 words to the first row > read more

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Month: August 2017 Construction site how to choose the domain name of the website

reduced domain are often able to quickly let users remember it, it can greatly enhance the user’s access to two times, it is very useful for a web site. Of course, if you can register your site theme has correlation with domain name is naturally more perfect. But now that the basic domain name streamline hot words are bad light, they will be registered to the domain name in the third party platform for sale, if you are interested can go to these types of sites selection, generally贵族宝贝 domain price will be relatively high. read more

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Month: August 2017 Expose several pseudo Shanghai dragon phenomenon of the real side

do not know what time the Shanghai dragon changed the flavor, with no technical things, but for various reasons to evade the crucial point of marketing highfalutin is a very obvious, example, many practitioners don’t care about the rankings in Shanghai love big update before, but the name of the banner of marketing to drainage, diversification is certainly good, but we to abandon the simple and use love from Shanghai? I think this is an extreme method of fighting, when we are in the development of the industry, we were too radical, and these immature performance are the pseudo Shanghai dragon performance, then you are read more

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Month: August 2017 A monthly income of 20 thousand Shanghai dragon is how tempered a green hand

has just started working very excited, no matter how feel with their Tao Dream is a step closer. The company is small, only 10 to 3 individuals, Shanghai Longfeng Specialist (including me), one of the two years, another 2 months earlier than me. The first day of work, give me some of Shanghai dragon sense is the most basic common sense, say that in the forum. But when young and naive, thought is what profound knowledge. Then second days, give me 10 website called me with new content, and then register the chain, every day is not a mechanical stop doing repetitive work, then entangled in a series of problems, how can I update the content included ah, how do the chain is effective, what time ranking to go up, I often take these questions to ask my teacher, she is just that time naive to think that only smiled but did not reply, she is deliberately not told me now to think carefully, one does not think the Shanghai dragon you will only be a chain of migrant workers. read more

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Month: August 2017 How will use QQ keyword index of the 400 row to the second page space

often is in this case, is not optimistic about things always shine, like a "dark horse" appeared in front of you, it seems not for anything else but, just to prove that they are useful, but this is nothing to prove, it is QQ space marketing ranking.

in the query tools, experience tells me that the QQ space will have a strong chain to support it, although I know there are many factors influencing QQ spatial ranking, but I did not think so much. In the query tool, did find some traces, the QQ space has a large number of one-way friendship links pointing to it, find out about 80 tools, because the tools of cache, there should be a conservative estimate of 100 one-way Links. 100 one-way Links, what is this concept, I can not say it, anyway, when the bright blind my eyes, and I definitely think the ranking in the QQ space in the process, these Links played a decisive role. Then again, he did it so many one-way links, bought? After careful inquiry, is not to buy, it seems that his resources was very rich, but until now, I still believed these Links. read more

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