French labour relations blown out of proportion

first_imgThis week’s guruFrench labour relations blown out of proportionGuru waxed lyrical last week on the cultural differences between English andFrench business. A new report showed despite all being Europeans there is stillmutual distrust. Well, let’s hope that English workers share this suspicion because ifthey’re influenced by the French approach to industrial relations then we’reall in trouble. Staff at a microwave factory in Cormelles-le-Royal were so angry at thefinancial troubles of the parent company – Moulinex – that they set fire to thebuilding last week. But not content with this, they then threatened to blow up the rest withmakeshift bombs, and kidnapped a government mediator in Paris to push forbetter redundancy packages. “It’s just another stage in the labourrelations,” was the authorities’ surprising response. The cap fits, but the face doesn’t Guru wanted to be a TV reporter when he first started in journalism manyyears ago. Unfortunately, after his first on-the-scene report he was told thathe had a face for radio. Then after embarking on a career as the news anchormanat a local radio station, he was told he had a voice for print. So Guru has a lot of sympathy for the youngster who tried to get a job athis local Kentucky Fried Chicken in Newcastle, only to be told that his facewasn’t suitable for working behind a till. The red-headed 18-year-old claimedhe was told to look for outdoor work, which is a bit rich considering ColonelSaunders is hardly a catwalk model. Reward your staff with gold How can Government quangos compete for talent with spiralling bonuses andshare options in the City? Pay staff in gold bullion, of course. It was revealed last week that the BBC decided to remunerate one valuedmember of staff with gold – apparently it used to be a very tax efficienttechnique. But before you force your boss to high tail it to Hatton Garden,Guru warns you that the authorities have already closed this loophole. MPs scream for nice ice cream Guru is glad to see MPs have finally got their priorities right, and are nolonger wasting their time reading through the small print of the newly releasedEmployment Bill. A motion has been signed by 17 MPs, calling for Mr Creemy Ice Cream to beserved in the Commons dining rooms. Dancing queens wanted, apply withinGuru is worried about the launch of a new nightclub in Harrogate. A month onfrom the annual CIPD conference, Guru was just starting to forget all thedrunken incidents in which he embarrassed himself when he found out that worsecould be in store for him next year. In October, HR professionals were subjected to an Abba tribute band but nextyear there will be a different kind of dancing queen. Lap dancing chainSpearmint Rhino is opening its doors in the town this week and is looking for30 staff to join its ranks. Guru is not the only concerned party about the newresidents – the local job centre has banned the lap dancing firm fromadvertising for fear of embarrassing its job seekers. Related posts:No related photos. Previous Article Next Article Comments are closed. French labour relations blown out of proportionOn 20 Nov 2001 in Personnel Todaylast_img

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