Chinese man fakes Oxford degree

first_imgOne Chinese man falsely claimed six million yen from his parents over six years to ‘fund studies at Oxford’ while living the whole time in Beijing. The unnamed mans’ parents gave the equivalent of £595,000 to their son out of their income from a small silk factory.  The 31 year old claimed almost £100,000 a year from them, a third of which he spent on a girlfriend who left him shortly after he had spent all of his money. The Dalian University graduate did originally intend to study abroad and spent some of the money on agencies who had promised him a place, or individuals who had guaranteed the same result through their personal connections. He never left the country however, and ran through his parents’ money until they could no longer support him. At this point, he borrowed 400,000 yuan (£40,000) more from loan sharks which he was unable to repay, forcing him to finally confess to his parents the truth. He then threatened to kill himself over his unpaid debts.  His parents called the police and firefighters to stop him. They commented that they had struggled to meet his financial demands and were furious over the deception, however, chose to forgive him rather than risk him committing suicide. Âlast_img

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