Health leaders working overtime to keep the community safe during March Madness

first_img Pinterest By Network Indiana – March 17, 2021 0 105 WhatsApp WhatsApp IndianaLocalNews Twitter Pinterest Google+ Health leaders working overtime to keep the community safe during March Madness Facebook Facebook Google+ Twitter (Photo supplied/State Of Indiana) Earlier this week six referees were sent home from March Madness in Indy when one of them tested positive for coronavirus. Health experts say that’s an example of why they are advising people to not stop wearing masks, washing hands and distancing.“We don’t want to let our guard down too soon because the numbers will increase again,” said Melissa McMasters, coordinator of infectious diseases and immunizations for the Marion County Health Dept.“Even though the numbers are going down the virus is still circulating. So, even though it’s not at a peak, the virus is still here,” she said.She said she believes masks work and that the flu season was proof. Cases were minimal.But, she also added that people may be asked to wear masks until the pandemic is over. When exactly will that be? When asked that question, McMasters said the answer hasn’t been clearly defined yet.“It’s hard to say. This was a new emerging virus. So, what we don’t know is will this virus just eventually go away? Possibly. With vaccination that’s what can happen,” she said. “Will this perhaps become more of a seasonal type virus that we have to combat each year? I don’t think we know the answer to that yet.”Beyond answering that question, McMasters is tasked with telling people from out of town and out of state that they need to mask up if they’re coming to Indy for March Madness.“We’re asking visitors to comply with the same public health order that all of our residents comply with,” she said. Previous articleSouth Bend Mayor James Mueller on pothole patrolNext articleBraun: “Small print” in COVID relief bill could have big tax consequences Network Indianalast_img

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