The Benevento Russo Duo Are Playing A Secret Show In Brooklyn Tonight

first_imgThe location makes sense, as Almost Dead is gearing up for a three night run in New York with shows scheduled at both Brooklyn Bowl (12/29) and the Capitol Theatre (12/30-12/31). Russo is also a Brooklyn native, and has played at Three’s Brewing in the past. Almost Dead even went as far as to tease a handful of Benevento Russo Duo songs during a recent performance, only building the anticipation for their return. With the cat now out of the bag, expect Three’s Brewing to be jam-packed with eager fans tonight.The timing of the show also makes sense, as the two musicians have been preparing for the return of The Duo for quite some time now. Both Russo and Benevento have shared footage of rehearsals, only building anticipation for more Duo shows ahead. With the band members already in town for their other commitments, and a big headlining performance scheduled for Jam Cruise in just a few weeks, it’s no surprise that the two will go ahead and get their jam on.For more about the history of The Duo, be sure to read our feature on the band. The show tonight should certainly be something special! Enjoy it. After six years of inactivity, it seems that the Benevento Russo Duo will live again in Brooklyn, NY tonight, for a one-off performance ahead of their scheduled upcoming appearance on Jam Cruise. Pianist Marco Benevento and drummer Joe Russo have not officially performed as a duo since 2010, but the two have collaborated frequently in the ongoing Grateful Dead tribute band, Joe Russo’s Almost Dead.The plan for a secret show tonight was revealed on Instagram, where Benevento posted the following with the location set for Three’s Brewing in Brooklyn, NY.last_img

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