Simple assault reported to University

first_imgAn individual reported multiple instances of simple assault to a University administrator Monday, according to Tuesday’s Notre Dame Security Police (NDSP) crime log.A simple assault is defined as an instance when “a person knowingly or intentionally touches another person in a rude, insolent or angry manner,” University spokesperson Dennis Brown said in an email.This definition is part of Indiana code, Brown said, and differentiates the crime from other types of assault such as aggravated, domestic or sexual assault or battery. The alleged assault occurred multiple times in a Notre Dame residence hall, according to the log entry. The incident was classified as a Title IX offense in the log, which Brown said was because of who received the initial report.Students did not receive an email from the University alerting them that a report had been filed because the crime was not deemed a timely threat based on the information available at this time, Brown said. This is in accordance with the Clery Act regulations.Tags: Clery Act, NDSP, NDSP crime log, simple assault, Title IXlast_img

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