Kombi Bar – a great entrepreneurial and tourist story

first_imgWhen he was packing his things two years ago in the summer and preparing to return from the sea to his hometown of Vukovar, Vedran Barić had the idea of ​​a mobile bar, a bar on wheels where he would come to various events from weddings to birthdays and other outdoor celebrations. outdoors in the city, and served refreshing drinks.He came up with the idea that he could make a mobile bar out of a worn-out van, so he opted for a VW van that hippies cruised in the second half of the last century from rock concerts and rock festivals to summer vacations or resting on a neglected farm. Even today, you can see these oldtimers, decorated and in running order, so Vedran has already thought about how to rearrange such a van and turn it into a van bar.”I inquired for weeks and finally found an old orange van in Zadar in a rather poor condition, without an engine and numerous parts, rotten bodywork. At that stage, my friend Dario Ištvanović joined the project, so we continued together and found a company in Osijek that would turn our hippie van into a van bar. These tasks were performed by Auto centar Buljubašić from Osijek and we are very satisfied with both the appearance and business results and how it was accepted by our clients. We painted it green and installed a bar, small refrigerators, water, electricity, water heater, sound system, TV, and we have our own power supply if we serve guests somewhere far from civilization. With the movement of the roof, the van turns into a cocktail bar”, Recalls the beginnings of Vedran Barić, adding that in several variants you can rent a van bar – with staff and bartender, drinks, organization of the whole event or just rent a van.After 10 months of work, the idea of ​​two Vukovar residents has been realized and the van bar has been in operation since the middle of last year. “There have been several so farabout trips outside Slavonia. Kombi bar also visited Slovenia at a major event, on several occasions we also visited Zagreb, a whiskey affair in the Vintage industrial bar, and on one occasion it also served as a DJ booth at a wedding. The reactions are, wherever the Van at least appears, about the same, cell phones are taken out and the van is photographed, one stops next to it and looks around, most people are delighted. The van at least finds its way to people’s hearts and that motivates and makes us happy. We are currently engaged in Slavonia most of the time, but we also want to visit the rest of Croatia. For now, we can say that we are in the preparatory phase for next year, for which we have big plans, but we are currently focused on the agreed events. We are waiting for weddings in Osijek, Požega and Županja, cocktail street party in Osijek, Vinkovci autumn… “, Says Dario Ištvanović.They plan to make some of their own event, which they hope would become a permanent offer at various locations in Slavonia. But currently the business is mostly based on van rentals, the duo says. “We have big plans and we want to expand, so another van is planned. Small works have started on the second van, but although it is easier now, because we learned a lot from the first one, it is a project that requires a lot of time, from the procurement of parts to the modifications to the van and its equipment.”, Vedran Barić presents his plans and adds that the offer adapts to the season, but also to the needs and wishes of his guests.”Now that it is still summer, cocktails are in demand, but with the arrival of autumn, the offer will change. We will try to be a little different and offer autumn-winter versions of cocktails, various hot chocolates in alcoholic and non-alcoholic variants, teas with various additives and much more”, Concludes Vedran Barić and invites everyone to see a green van with a raised roof and a bartender at the bar stopped in nature or on the street, let them come and be satisfied with a new and unusual experience.last_img

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