PREMIUMBe alert of the ‘social engineering’ threat and a new wave of online frauds

first_imgGoogle Facebook The security system in digital transactions has rapidly improved in recent years, but scammers can still find their way to get to your money by taking advantage of your psychological weaknesses to get your data.The trick is called “social engineering” in which scammers work their way into a position where they can manipulate people into trusting them so people will give up confidential information, such as one-time passwords (OTP) that are used to verify payments, often unknowingly.“A few months ago, I was a victim of a scam. I lost almost Rp 11,000,000 because two of my Gojek Pay accounts were hacked,” said Indonesian singer Aura Kasih during a press conference on cybersecurity at Gojek headquarters in Jakarta recently.The scammers claimed they were from the Gojek office and were trying to process her digital payment and then eventually managed to tri… Log in with your social account Forgot Password ? Linkedin Indonesia digital-transactions fraud-cases digital-security-system Center-for-Digital-Society Gojek GoPay Topics : LOG INDon’t have an account? Register herelast_img

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