Siemens Unleashes BlueVault

first_imgSiemens has unveiled a lithium-ion battery-based energy storage system for offshore operations including offshore wind.The BlueVault system is suited for both all-electric and hybrid energy-storage applications and is designed to help ensure continuity of power, Siemens said.Pursuant to its research and development efforts and experience with harsh offshore operating environments, the company will open a fully robotized and digitalized plant in Norway that will develop and manufacture energy storage technologies for both marine and offshore oil and gas applications.The same battery storage solutions for marine and offshore environments are also applicable to offshore wind farms, according to Siemens.“Energy storage solutions provide a means to establish a stable, reliable electrical network by buffering intermittency and providing clean, dispatchable power,” said Terje Krogh, CEO of Siemens Offshore Solutions.Siemens has already signed several contracts for its new energy storage system and expects to deliver the first one this summer, the company said.last_img

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