PlayStation VRs Best Games

first_img2016 can be considered the year of virtual reality gaming. First there was the Oculus Rift, then the HTC Vive, and now to close out the year — Sony’s PlayStation VR. Though lacking the power of the two aforementioned devices, the PSVR provides consumers with the most affordable true VR experience on the market (sorry, Google cardboard). Right now, the PSVR is enjoying success with many folks taking their first foray into the world of VR gaming.But what does the system have to offer in terms of games? While the device does have its fair share of titles that are little more than glorified tech demos, there are some must-have games for the peripheral. These are titles that provide full, deep, and meaningful gaming experiences that will entertain PSVR users at least until the end of the year.Below, we’ve listed our top five games for the PlayStation VR.RIGS: Mechanized Combat LeagueThis is a game both for competitive gamers and those who want to live out their mech robot fantasies. RIGS doesn’t take any half-measures when it comes to how it presents a virtual world and puts players right in the middle of some intense, mech vs mech action.Using one’s head to aim can be confusing at first, but it becomes second nature in short time. This is not a game for those who can easily become motion sick, but for folks that can get past that, RIGS provides a great experience both in single player and online. In fact, it would be wise if Sony began to showcase RIGS at major eSports events since it is practically made for them. Being the world’s first competitive virtual reality eSports game would look good on RIGS.If any game on PSVR could be labeled a “system seller” this is it.EVE: ValkyrieEVE: Valkyrie is not only one of the best looking games on the PSVR, but it is the next stage of evolution for the space sim genre. Gameplay wise, Valkyrie isn’t doing anything different as far as letting players become a fighter pilot in space. However, doing so in VR takes it above those old space sim games you grew up playing.One feature that makes Valkyrie a winner is crossplay. Players on the PSVR, HTC Vive, and Oculus Rift are all able to play against one another on the same servers. This fact isn’t one to gloss over since crossplay between competing systems is practically unheard of. Being able to engage in 8v8 battles with other players makes EVE: Valkyrie worth buying — though its jaw dropping visuals certainly don’t hurt it either.Driveclub VRDriveclub is admittedly not that great of a racing game on the PS4, but in VR it is much more enjoyable simply for the fact that you feel like you are driving an actual race car — especially if you play using a steering wheel peripheral.Being able to turn your head to the sides in order to make more precise turns or to see who is beside you feels great and adds another dimension to driving. This is also a full-fledged game that features 80 cars and over 100 tracks. There are even five new tracks that are exclusive to this edition.The only noticeable drawback is that Driveclub VR doesn’t look as visually stunning as its console counterpart. Driveclub on PS4 is easily one of the best looking racing games on the market, but the VR edition looks like a PS3 game at best. We can forgive the game’s graphics though, since driving in VR is extremely enjoyable and immersive. Just be aware that this game is notorious for making people queasy from motion sickness.Rez InfiniteSaying that a rhythm game is a “must-have” may seem crazy, but Rez is not only a joy to play, it does a fantastic job of showing what the PSVR can do visually.The Dreamcast/PS2 classic realizes its true potential on PSVR with the way the colors and sounds completely engulf the player. In some ways, this may be the most intense PSVR game purely because of the sensory overload it delivers. Not only is this game for PSVR, but it can also be played normally on PS4. This is perfect in case the cacophony of shapes and sounds becomes too much.If you manage to not be overwhelmed, Rez provides the same addictive fun of the original, which is always a great thing.BattlezoneIf you’re going to update a classic game, this is how you do it. Battlezone is an old-school arcade game from 1980 that used primitive graphics to simulate a 3D environment. Now in 2016, not only do we get a fully 3D game, but one that works magnificently in VR.Like with Driveclub and EVE: Valkyrie, one of the selling points of Battlezone is how it puts you in control of a powerful vehicle. There are a wide assortment of tanks to use and each has their own unique qualities. The game’s art direction is highly stylized but this works to make the game stand out from similar titles.On top of being pleasing on the eye, Battlezone is one of the more challenging games for PSVR. This is a great thing considering how many of the titles out there offer little to no challenge.At the moment, PlayStation VR doesn’t have many games that are “must haves,” but things should get better soon. Before the year is over, Crytek’s Robinson: The Journey will be released. And let’s not forget about Resident Evil 7 which comes out in late January.Hopefully, 2017 will see a slew of big games that will justify the system’s existence. As I’ve said before, PSVR could be the last hope for virtual reality gaming so let us hope that Sony doesn’t abandon it like it has so many other of its peripherals and add-ons before.Do you own a PlayStation VR? If so, what games are you enjoying the most? Let us know in the comments below.last_img

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