From the famous site of Shanghai Longfeng note love Shanghai optimize the development trend analysis

from this paragraph can be found, the more well-known search engine site investigation more strict, because the famous sites found relatively large impact on the Internet, sometimes plays a guiding role, if such a site is cheating, will lead to more site cheating, so love Shanghai to increase efforts to investigate, the famous site found cheating in a timely manner for treatment, the health of the Internet that play a role in promoting.

4, the focus on where the "sell home Links; a large collection of other web content, original content ratio is very low, even a large collection of site theme related content, or machine mass production of no value to the web page; advertising content occupied by a large number of."

2, "a large number of different content pages are using the same title, showing important information in the web page by the way of pictures (news, telephone, etc.) an important page through the construction of flash, the text does not use

website optimization, there are some new features of the website optimization, is also the white hat and black hat Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon, Shanghai dragon means emerge in an endless stream of black hat, black hat love Shanghai according to new characteristics, take corresponding measures, launched the "famous site of Shanghai Longfeng note" to regulate the development of website optimization. Shanghai Longfeng guide toward a win-win situation, the direction of health, love that some of Shanghai’s algorithm to adjust the direction and focus of punishment from the content of "the famous site of Shanghai dragon notes" we can. Today I will talk about the development trend of love in Shanghai.

3, "the famous site of search engine, influence and even the entire Internet popular is often huge, if the use of malicious fraud, its effect is bad."

from this passage we can find love >

it can be found that different pages use a title that will influence the website optimization effect, the key content is not put in the picture, flash, JS and other search engines can’t take place, which will guide our website optimization reasonable, can improve the degree of search engine friendly Su, to improve the keywords ranking.


1, "the famous site, refers to has the high visibility of the user site. The site is more famous, more should consider the long-term, to the user experience, site optimization positive and reasonable, away from cheating and malicious behavior of Shanghai dragon."

With the development of

it can be found that the love Shanghai Shanghai Dragon technology support white hat, black hat against Shanghai Dragon technology, love Shanghai also told the webmaster friends, in order to long-term development, to the user experience as the core, website optimization is reasonable, from another side of that, don’t optimization excessive, focus on user experience. Black hat Shanghai dragon is short, with a time adjustment to love Shanghai, the website ranking is not. This is a big direction, is to choose the white hat Shanghai dragon, against the black hat Shanghai dragon, only the white hat Shanghai dragon, website optimization to long-term development.

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