Love Shanghai Webmaster Platform began to force the latest web site style



I certainly wouldn’t fall behind, my website is: www.warpv5贵族宝贝/xemh/ evil cartoons I vote in the following address.

rule is simple: users to complete the Style test to get the Chinese New Year red envelopes, a total of 5 times per hour.

will receive a special trophy and Apple iPod hero Nano 7 generation of 1, second and third will be the site of a mobile hard disk.

way to share a little secret is not a secret, of course, it depends on luck, ranking the heroes are not the same, mainly to see where you site characters have powerful website, my website is difficult, obviously Admin5’s Ceng Xiaoxian’s Heroes competition is very small, as long as now more than 45 tickets will be able to get iPod Nano 7 generation

this activity after a lot of small mouth more and more owners to join in, join must verify their own website, so there are a large number of owners began to understand and use the love Shanghai webmaster tools.

The website the most votes in each style

love Shanghai Webmaster Platform since its release, and constantly improve the practicability, webmaster tools, and rely on the love piece of Shanghai, its owners a gilded signboard, the forum also began increasingly prosperous, a few days ago Xiaobian see love Shanghai Webmaster Platform began recruiting operations. And love Shanghai in its search engine for "keywords Webmaster Platform" for his son many recommended, plus today love Shanghai Webmaster Platform website launched style activities, all told its upcoming force.

You can

to support the site to vote, each ID only as a site to vote 1 times.

of course one hour to repeat the test at the same site as invalid, can not receive again red.


The ?

today, love Shanghai Webmaster Platform to publicize the activities in the home and home to hang out at the top of the station focused banner ads, events home prizes are attractive.

if you are a site administrator can collect "Hero Medal in Webmaster Platform verification way" (validated the website automatically, the impact wear) "Style heroes".

I hope you can help me website vote: 贵族宝贝zhanzhang.baidu贵族宝贝/act/y2012/search site=www.warpv5贵族宝贝#

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