To write an article are you tired


write very tired, for what? This problem not only people often ask, I ask myself, what to have? "

whether it is WeChat, micro-blog, on the blog, website, or from the media, not a thing: content, writing. More and more experts and celebrities that content, emphasizing the importance of writing, more and more platforms to provide services from media articles, there are more and more people began to write the article. I’m a stick to the man who wrote the article, write so long article, people often ask to write tired? I can be very responsible, very tired.

why to write

to write the article so you tired, to what

why to write very tired? Writing is not a simple word, if only the code, very easy, too easy, for those of us who often write articles, simple code, an easy job to do. But if you carefully to write your share, it will be a very grueling project, tired is needless to say.

I wrote the article is mainly from the original and reproduced with reading comprehension. Original needless to say, a month to two months may not see what, but more to the back of the writing more difficult, especially to 1 years, 2 years later to see, give up how many? The biggest problem is the brain drain, and wrote the do not want to write. So this time we while writing but also while constantly learning to supplement their own, this is very time consuming, which includes resource tables, data, pictures, articles and other finishing is not to say. See a lot of people say that Lu Songsong’s original blog less, I understand, you see 6 years to write articles? This is a time-consuming and laborious work.


there is no doubt that you want to write articles, you should get involved preparation, last saw Feng Dongyang said to have sex in time to write original articles, it is capable of evoking praises and tears. Fortunately, this I was in, this is not small, otherwise do not affect my normal writing harmony. There are a lot to write the stationmaster often wrote at 3 and 4 points, is torture, I generally go to bed at 1, no way, my girlfriend is tight. Here also remind you: write an article, but should pay attention to the body.

As for the

reproduced, many people feel easy to copy and paste directly on the line, but you have to be responsible for the readers to you, you need to reprint the screening, who have no value?? is suitable for your readers? Etc. all these need to be considered. So the reprint articles also need every day to see a large number of information, personally review, not quantity guarantee, reproduced quality will be limited, as the above said finishing resources itself is a hard work. For a sense of feeling, have realized, you need to be able to read to your readers to leave comments, time and energy consumption of a bit.

very tired?

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