Love is what arch criminal Shanghai caused a serious error

2 website is considered cheating, the reason is probably because of the accumulation of a large number of keywords, website optimization excessive, the snapshot is actually love Shanghai back on the website of the punishment;

especially in August 25th, according to the website ranking is undergoing great changes, mainly for small and medium-sized website ranking and weight reduction, but the inside pages of big website ranking improved. For the new website ranking has improved, but the collection is not ideal. In view of this change, the webmaster should also make appropriate changes. Recently I found that when browsing the web, love in Shanghai there is a very unusual phenomenon. This is the author in search of a website to promote the interface, as shown in figure


What is the cause of abnormal The release of Large scale


I personally think that the reason for this station, this phenomenon is mainly to analyze from two aspects: first, why the snapshot time back? The author thinks that the main reasons are as follows:

website construction, but click can normal open page into the site, while the snapshot update time actually returned in 2003, so I think this is really fantastic. So, what is the reason for this phenomenon? Love Shanghai as the largest search engine, not as common mistakes? In my previous understanding of love Shanghai update, believe that such change is certainly not groundless.

1 site changes, like the name of the web site or home page there are some or all of the changes;

5 Links website be punished lead to be involved. If the chain of Web site, may also lead to the website by the love of Shanghai to punish, snapshot back;

As for ?

when it comes to our website keyword optimization, usually attention to love Shanghai what time to update the snapshot, ranking Shanghai love change. According to the understanding of the author before love Shanghai, love Shanghai’s renewal activities every day, such as ranking, snapshot, included can be said always changing. The update activity love Shanghai, according to the observation and analysis of the past few months, when almost every week, probably Thursday in Shanghai love there will be a big update, the ranking will have obvious changes, the snapshot will be updated, included the situation will change, but said this day love is a big update day in Shanghai.

4 improper information. In fact most of all should be clear, the domestic information for improper supervision is very abhorrent, if you have this information, so serious will be forced to shut down, snapshot back may be just a warning;

3 website content quality is very poor, if the site is mostly pure adhesion copy, no original, it is also one of the reasons causing the snapshot back;

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