The love of Shanghai at the end of October update count




, an abnormal site data in October 22nd

report: "jump beloved Shanghai users report page, here than before" love Shanghai complaints "is more formal, more detailed report. Figure:


love Shanghai before the beta "love Shanghai health" and "love Shanghai training" the end of the month at the start of large-scale application update. Previously the only part of keywords medical and training industry now expanded a lot of long tail keywords. Love Shanghai health all kinds of disease keywords flow interception, interception of hot love Shanghai training training industry flow. Figure: < >

love the search results page appears (collection, sharing, report)

How to:

Shanghai Longfeng exchange group began to speculate whether Shanghai love test the new algorithm, but the 23 day of the Shanghai dragon group of friends are back to normal data feedback.


three, Shanghai love graphic information show picture description.

: another search term is longer, more accurate search results will not show more pictures.

share: "love Shanghai share" drop-down bar, as shown in figure


this point if you usually do not pay attention to love Shanghai search results, it is difficult to observe the change of the. That is love Shanghai in search results show compared to the previous "graphic" Chinese characters more intuitive form, is directly in the description of the search results show pictures, as shown below:


October 22nd love Shanghai site data is abnormal, the scale of website site included a reduction of 90%, the management of "network" on the same day site data from 15000 to 1200 do not directly reduce to:

Two, Shanghai


four, "love Shanghai health", "Shanghai love education" large-scale show

update, love Shanghai search results snapshot after the date of adding an inverted triangle, drop "collection, sharing and reporting options. Xiaobian were tested, the following functions: (PS: Shanghai love their products will not be inverted triangle)

through network the station information multi test, and search results appear on other website articles in the same condition, to achieve this effect firstly to pictures, pictures and then to add the alt attribute, the alt attribute text and title consistent advice.

collection: collection and preservation position as "love Shanghai personal account center", "love Shanghai bottom of the home page navigation" figure:

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