How to give the group purchase website optimization promotion

Why is

soft can give you >

chain extension is one of the important methods. Find the same group purchase website is a chain, it is best to find the high reputation of the station, long time station, user station. For a new group purchase station, we still can’t believe is really indispensable information, there will be a bit suspicious, friendly chain and well-known station, it can also improve the visibility of their station, let the user experience to a certain extent. At the same time, friends of the chain can bring to the site outside the chain, shoot two hawks with one arrow thing, Why not?.

fourth: the use of chain extension of

let your product information like a virus spread in everyone’s life circle, out of the promotion of viral promotion can generally be in the form of mail, users registered in the website of your membership, let him customized advertising mail, the daily mail in the form of group purchase information to send, a lot of people don’t have time to deal with your email, so these the mail is known as spam, but these messages for you is very useful, love online shopping people are concerned about the group purchase information every day, maybe he didn’t have time to see you today, but he has time to manage this mail, you can also pay attention to the station. With viral promotion also have to pay attention to, a group purchase information once more, it is garbage, every time for everyone to send product information must be clear, attach the product links, all these details can improve the user experience degrees.

the rapid development of the Internet era, everyone has become a fashion Master, you can buy things at home do not go out, then the group purchase website is also a lot to do group purchase website owners, should also be thinking about how to optimize the group purchase website, website optimization method or a lot, the webmaster, you learned that, again do those. Today is to talk about how to promote the group purchase website.

second: the use of viral promotion

A new

: the first use of micro-blog marketing

third: the use of group purchase navigation station

fifth: the use of soft Wen promotion

the first thought of micro-blog, now the fire should be even micro-blog, the micro-blog website to do publicity, micro-blog 140 words of space, enough for you to explain the characteristics of the product, and then add your pictures with, plus the topic is good publicity advantage products group purchase. In the face of micro-blog fans range is very wide, broadcast is very fast, the webmaster, you must learn to use the fresh things to promote their products. Xiao Bian also often are the basic sources of group purchase, see advertising on micro-blog, as a user, I feel micro-blog experience is very high.

group purchase station on the line, it is best to cooperate and group purchase navigation station, maybe this way would be a waste of money, but for a new sites, this way is worth it. Choose to submit their own station navigation station a few good, it is best to have a good ranking in the front page, submit a few more navigation station, the new station will have to raise awareness of it.

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