Operation of local travel website if there is room for survival

a few days ago, I met a friend, talking about his wish to be a tourist site, my first feeling is not good to do. Why not? Because the front has been said, a lot of friends in the time of the exchange, there will be the first feeling like this, and I am the same, but after listening to the friends of the ideas, but I think this project is feasible, and can do. Don’t ask me why, I’ll detail below.

secondly, selection and optimization of timing and optimization. Optimal timing is important, if it is in an industry season start optimization, so sure you better optimization effect than the off-season, and for local island tourism, is the best time of 1-4 optimization, but a friend gave me the time is only a maximum of three months. For the optimization scheme, once well outside the chain can through the search engine of the world has ceased to exist, and the contents of TDK design, website building, and the drainage has become a priority among priorities.


I’m optimistic about this project because the project competitiveness is not very big, and the online optimization and promotion should be able to do it, even has a very powerful opponent.

first, I make friends with a local domain name to memory, and are closely related to their business projects. Hands just to have a domain name to him, including the.Cn domain name is to send him together. Anyway, the domain name in my hand is not too big, it will not play should be the place to play. The name literally meaning is easy to understand: Hi Dalian. There is a portal of taste, also has the meaning of Dalian sea, can let see or hear about this site, one can remember.

project is very important to choose. Many travel agencies, investors will travel as a very important sector to make money business, so the competitiveness is very large, and for the selection of projects, it is necessary to find the real starting point, to find that a very important point, not very competitive, also can do, can also have a lot of users, and tourism is closely linked, and my friend chose such a project: local island tourism projects.

here I mainly talk about the above mentioned important.

A few days ago

in stationmaster net above saw an article on the writing of local website survival problems, it is said that the local portal is BAT giant squeeze has not much space, even in the three new board listed, may also face the danger of being swallowed up. Today, I write an article on the local tourism website operation on the article, do not know whether you can help to face the crisis in the local site.

said the local tourism website, I see when we communicate with each other in many forums and web above, will say that it is difficult to optimize, hope can do. Is to encourage, are in wait-and-see, are in the exchange, and the real operation, and optimize the job, really little, I would write his own experience today.

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