The new station choose the right keywords website ranking optimization effect is fast

, that is to say, when we do website optimization keywords, keywords can be divided into two sites, each site focused on 1 – 2, which is more targeted, in order to better meet the user search experience, will be your website on home page. This is a key strategy of website optimization, and its effect is very good. In some Adsense statistical tools, we can understand the keyword optimization, regional, user requirements, types are affecting the keywords web site keywords ranking.

do website ranking optimization selection is very important for keywords. Keywords the correct positioning of the site, when the optimization is very simple. The choice of keywords is love Shanghai Dennis main reference index and search volume data, so choose keywords to a proper extent can meet the needs of users, can also show very good website.

One thing

generally, many websites operated by the product or service is not single, so we can make full use of this, the key words to do apart. The part of the keyword search can know, in the search engine ranking good sites is a professional website, this website can most users demand groups determined to meet the industry. The website keyword more pan website, even able to climb the home position, in the short term will fall off, this is the rule of the search engine will show.


first, industry segments and geographical advantages, regional vocabulary.

keyword ranking position in fact with the degree of difficulty of Shanghai dragon ER technology and the related key words. The author Dennis in time for a new keyword, will choose those difficulty is not too large, generally get good ranking keywords will be one to three months. So in the short term can give site bring certain flow, pave the way for the overall optimization of the marketing website later, we can see that choosing the right keywords is the primary task of website ranking optimization.


how to choose keywords? Love Shanghai index is a good reference value, but more difficult to optimize more keywords index, the short term can not obtain results, but will make you feel very headache, The loss outweighs the gain. So what kind of positioning can make new good results for

second types, do targeted keywords.

we can deeply understand that, compared to the keywords, keywords region both in the user targeted or difficult to optimize are relatively easy. So when the choice of keywords for the new station, we may wish to choose some regional vocabulary, so you can quickly see the results. Of course, in the choice of the time is to have the general second tier city of more than three words absolute line city, so when selecting, must according to the industry itself, the appropriate choice of regional. Keywords regional specification and requirements of the user population, reference data also love Shanghai index and the latest hot demand recommended vocabulary.

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