These 404 page details if you do not pay attention to will make the website Game Over

if your website on the page does not exist, not to return to the 404 code, and return is 200 status code. So, can let a search engine that has a large number of duplicate content on your web site. For example, a number of URL returned to normal page, but the page content of the same. So, pay attention to the webmaster here. A5 marketing to the customer at the site many such details found to Shanghai dragon in diagnosis and may more sites also have problems, but the owners do not know it.

maybe some not too good at the web site of the Shanghai dragon or some knowledge of lack, cause operational errors in the 404 page. But long time accumulation may put the site to the cliff ", eventually causing irreparable disaster, for example: the site is down right, love Shanghai website weight is not stable, a serious decline in ranking and so on. So, some of the details of Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis client website, A5 marketing today and you talk in detail about today, I hope this article can help to some webmaster need help.

, when the page does not exist, must return to 404 code

first, when the page does not exist, must return to 404 code. A5 marketing in Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis to the customer site, found to have problems in setting up many web servers, may be some webmaster do not know the server settings, resulting in each status code returned is 200, and some Adsense deliberately in the page does not exist is to return a 200, if the returned information is in this case, it is normal that the page data. Just imagine: if you have the coffin of the dead, people can hear outside the coffin in breathing, just think of all with hair standing on end. Of course, this is a metaphor, but appeared in the Hongkong movie, is generally not found.



note: This article is not suitable for the so-called God, only suitable for not good at Shanghai Longfeng webmaster, also please God from the land of

two, when the page does not exist, do not return any code to

Objective: About 404 error page website, may for the webmaster, already belongs to the most common "homely food", and online everywhere there is article or tutorial on the 404 error page. So, today A5 marketing why again it? The reason is very simple: A5 marketing to the customer at the site of Shanghai dragon in the diagnosis process, found that many sites there are some problems in the optimization of the 404 error page, and the seriousness of the problem of great.

then, when the page does not exist, do not return to any code. A5 marketing is the most seen this kind of situation, many webmaster used to not exist 301 directly to the home page to page. In fact, I also wonder why not take things that do not exist page Webmaster Tools > the death of love Shanghai

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