Links construction of the enemy can ever victorious


(2) carefully check each other Links is called using JS output

(1) they need to know what type of friends station

each other

(2) know how their website

2. include

and other exchange website links when we have to look at it, because now love Shanghai for friends of the chain adjustment algorithm, punished, the site itself will have joint action, the weights will be decreased, so the enemy can. So, should from which aspects to understand each other’s

website as well as an important part of the promotion, and Links is a method often used, simple, fast and stable, so we regard this method as the most important means of the construction of the chain, but what have skills, that is such a seemingly simple exchange chain we also need to practice some aspects need to pay attention to pay attention, the little to share with you my own in this aspect of some experience.

webmaster all know is JS is Javascript and Jscript, is a more popular web scripting language, but the search engine is not cold on this, if you find each other is j>

when we site early strength and visibility is certainly not ideal, this is the time to choose some well-known sites, are very likely not on, even with the famous website, a chain is usually about 50, of no use at all. When a clear understanding of this, we can choose some of the weight and his almost or a little lower than their own site links, because such website snapshot is normal, but the chain is relatively small, we can ensure that between the friends of the chain have a certain effect.


(1) examined the outbound links number


in everyone’s subconscious, it is better to link. In fact, the idea itself is wrong, in the sea of the new algorithm in the explicit representation of the love, for outbound links too many sites will conduct a certain punishment, not only will not increase the weight, but will be affected. So when the exchange Links and each other, we must first check each other’s Links, generally within 30, a maximum of not more than 40.

exchange chain, and not the weight of each other better, in fact, this and our Links Never mind, the key is the best is the same type of website, for example, said he is the apparel industry, and the other is the tourism industry, have no relevance, will be their website links too miscellaneous, because users of our website in the browser, they hope in at the bottom of the site will have the same Links available from the side, the chain can also exchange peer indirect growth "user experience".

website? The chain construction is

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