How do you make the search engine of the content of love

The content of

two, and do not control the content length of wrong word

site can go to learn, but you must put an end to copy, can also use the pseudo original way to use your own words to describe the content of others is also a desirable way. But here I still suggest that you try to do as much as possible the original, less to do as the original, after all the pseudo original content is to deceive the search engine behavior for a long time, the effect is not ideal, so we have to consider and do it, not every day "pseudo original, so lost the real meaning of the user experience. Stressed: everyone in the creation of content as much as possible to make statements and phrases diversified, let the spider crawling feel very novel, so that the original article is the best.

as the search engine for growth, some bad, sensitive lexical information, search engines often take screening mode, even more will be with the relevant departments to investigate and handle to close the site. So when we face some popular events flow situation, we must ensure good user experience in the relevant national policies and not to touch the sensitive topic, adverse circumstances, and let the search engine watch, here we can use some similar or synonymous words to write such words, will not lead to movie or "harmony" that is because of the above reasons.

three, do not touch the bad, sensitive information

Four, The other is the concept of

to meet the requirements of the premise in the number of words, we must ensure that no wrong words and words and titles are not consistent with the statement, the user experience is extremely unfavorable, so we must pay attention to these do not blindly pursue the content length while ignoring the quality of content.

> control off

, to ensure the greatest degree of diversification of content.

With the development of

for relatively short, we all know that search engines often take not included behavior, especially for some small sites do not appear, the content of less than 300 words behavior. Then the search engine from the point of view, some of the content words is indeed a lot, and access to other sites in the spider repeatedly find the same content and released earlier than the time of your site, then the search engine for the content and will give not included or included low weight, so as far as possible the length of the first and do the.

industry and update the website search engine algorithms continuously, a lot of people are aware of the importance of original content website, in addition to the dynamic search engine on the original content of the high score and sure and also led to a very good user experience, this is the two. So in the face of this content, we try to do some high quality original content or occasionally lazy to make some false original is also a good method. So what kind of content is like a spider? By the author to explain their point of view.

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