Depth analysis of the legendary resources Webmaster Station Construction

The rapid development of

what is the resource that they all know that to achieve the first ranking site right important high enough as a bridge that links the weight transfer so that many owners think through the chain into the weight, and Links, especially the weight it need one-way links, but a new station who is willing to exchange Links with you. Not to mention, is one-way links, then we can raise some high weight site resources, let the master through their one-way link, and then realize the import weights, and these one-way links are almost controlled, so relative to the general Links more stable.

to buy the old domain by station, relative to the new domain name registration to build the site, buy the old domain appears to have more advantages, >


talked about resource by station master weight import one-way links, since we know that the powerful resource station, then we should be how to obtain the resources station, should pay attention to what the details of the main points, the statistics of the following three conditions:

register a new domain name to build a new website, in this way we should master the master key column keywords into resource site, recommend the use of pure static construction site and the use of foreign space from the record, do not have any contact between the resource and resource site between the station and the main station (i.e. the cross link for one-way links).

cross links, through a few resources station, first increase their weight, the weight of up to a certain extent, to do cross links, namely resource station chain to the other owners of the site, and then ask them to our main chain site, so as to realize the single weight import station.


The application of resource station one-way links way

know the resources station is mainly station one-way link exists, then import the specific how to use resource station to achieve one-way links is that many webmaster attention object, there are generally two ways: single master station resources, application of cross links.

how to access resources and related key points of

the Internet makes many friends sniff out the profit space, so more and more people began to suddenness of a thunderbolt speed into the Internet industry, into the ranks of the webmaster, so they started, start to do rankings, but many words have been veterans who stood in the home, especially some popular keywords, almost a monopoly, how to achieve a rapid rise in the rankings to break above the monopoly? The most direct way is the station group, another point of view is a resource station.

What is the

implementation of

resource station single master station, by raising more resources, all single master station, weight through resources gradually improve the reality master weight warming, this method is relatively simple to operate, but the cost is high, the author does not recommend the use of this method of operation.

resource station

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