Shanghai dragon three stages and three thought employment in Shanghai Dragon Master

really since the sector in Shanghai Longfeng, often talked about is the site of Shanghai dragon to ordinary heart. The three stage of the optimization of the railway station. Say really rational. Shanghai dragon is to have a common heart. Often mentioned in Jin Yong’s novels, and formlessness. This trick is used in our industry, is also applicable, is what people said, the Shanghai dragon optimized website, can not see traces of optimization. Kung Fu is a process, which is the Chinese Kung Fu, is the time of success, I think Shanghai is like the dragon, are practicing kung fu China. Not crash, no shortcuts, only a trick of learning, step by step, think a little. Your wisdom and sweat. The achievements of Shanghai dragon circles master you. So today I combine their own understanding of the Shanghai dragon, and experience just for. Do the three stages of Shanghai dragon.


this section illustrates a meaning for Shanghai Longfeng preliminary entry, basic importance, like kung fu, every day to the brain inside, how to squat, how good Kung fu. It is of no use. To cattle X, you must go to practice experience.

two, Shanghai dragon specialist stage – the accumulation of experience, thinking and different with others.

of this period not only do Shanghai Longfeng entry work, the Shanghai dragon has its own unique insights on the industry, thinking of Shanghai dragon, have their own.

entry phase of Shanghai dragon, in the role of the Commissioner of the chain of class work. By completing the above tasks left to exercise their basic skills, this process is of great significance for its development; it is help for the collection of Shanghai Longfeng resources, laying the foundation for the later development. This time the Shanghai dragon. Bitter irritability. But remember, insist on. Or an old saying, Shanghai dragon stick.


, Shanghai dragon entry stage – basic skills solid, and adhere to the very people.


to expand the circle of Shanghai dragon. A business in Shanghai dragon compared to the social context. An enterprise to survive after. We need to do is how to make the enterprise development and growth, this process as if to enhance their level of Shanghai dragon. Increase the value of its own stage.

film legend of the Condor Heroes, Guo Jing’s final achievement cannot do without the sweat from childhood. Alike。 So is Shanghai dragon entry, just getting started, perhaps an anti chain definition, will make you confused. When the same as me. What is the chain, are not clear, in the Shanghai dragon WHY on the anti chain definition saw it ten, but still fuzzy concept. So the change of learning methods, the definition of this thing we do not remember, I used to practice, the website, to make a A5 account, less than an hour, understand what is outside the chain. So the initial entry, practice is very important.

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