Experience of novice Shanghai Dragon importance to optimize the internal construction of website

website optimization!

I choose to work in Beijing !

three, a web page: in order to focus on user experience, best not to put some pictures on the front page, let the site as much as possible in 5-10 seconds after loading the

two, Logo set: we all know that the anchor link to do the first paragraph of the article, on one page, the first link to other pages is effective links, as well as other links to search engine basically ignored, like the weight of the link at the bottom to what is less, the everyone know, but you may forget after a website to open the first link is what? Do you know? The answer is logo links, each page of the first link is a link to logo, so I suggest to add a major keywords in the logo picture ALT attribute, so sure of the main keywords ranking

, a web site title, keywords, description, this presumably you are Shanghai dragon is certainly better than I am the novice do this again, I will not nonsense!

four, the site of the internal links: a lot of Shanghai Phoenix are the anchor links all point to the home page in the update article, from the home page to page from the page to the home page, this is very monotonous, and always cause inconvenience to visitors and misleading, because you have no meaning to what this link from the user experience of visitors! The point of view, we must take the anchor link segment is widely, don’t add internal links to the home page, see your site articles or other column page, what can bring you the target flow, it will.

with my experience to illustrate the point, a candy house photography website I do, I firmly believe that "content is king when first contact, the chain for emperor" this sentence, I was busy all day to update the pseudo original content, crazy to do outside the chain, after more than a month to love Shanghai collected from 300 to one thousand, the chain from 7 thousand to 12 thousand, but surprisingly, my ranking does not rise or, this problem is really let me begin to question, I was when I asked where I do wrong? Why is the main word ranking is still ranked 4 about? So I began to study the Zac of a book "Shanghai dragon combat", from this book let me benefit! After optimization of the internal construction site a month my ranking has been changed, now came to the two next page! I put my experience to share:

busy all day of the day, a chance to contact the Shanghai dragon in this industry, after a friend guide, I joined the Shanghai Phoenix team, it has been three months, for the first time in the submission A5 webmaster, hope and share the importance of optimizing the internal construction of home my new website of Shanghai Longfeng joined it! Shanghai dragon Er most often say "content is king, the chain for emperor", I am very recognized for this, but after several months of exploration, I found another very important issue — the internal construction of

very helpful!Open the speed of

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