Practical experience in how to use Wikipedia website promotion



of course after this step is not enough, we should also do some soft advertising in the entry, do not want to do hard advertising, advertising is hard will not pass, we do soft advertising each one according to his lights. To provide for your reference methods in here, see what I’m doing

written encyclopedia articles is most reference to optimize the way it is, how to optimize the people love Shanghai encyclopedia is how to optimize our, another is how to add in the love of Shanghai encyclopedia chain, said the weight of what love Shanghai Wikipedia links to increase your website. Although the two ways I don’t agree with, but today is not about whether the optimization mode of Wikipedia and love Shanghai encyclopedia chain weight is not high quality of the chain, but to share with you the love Shanghai Encyclopedia of how to do the promotion.

you see, in the love of Shanghai ranked ninth. We see the power of the Encyclopedia promotion.

you see, I am the first to the name of his company to do a love Shanghai encyclopedia entry, and then in terms of soft we want to promote the implantation of the name of our company, and in the chain, the user can click on the entry to our company directly, in fact one can also add pictures in the entry as a means of promotion, but I picture because the watermark is too obvious, which belongs to the mandatory advertising to get a few times, so it did not pass, I do not know PS, no resistance only did not leave the picture, we extend.

you know love is in love with Shanghai Encyclopedia of many products in the highest weight of the sea, you search for a word, as long as the maximum, then the love of Shanghai encyclopedia entries will appear on the home page, there is a situation even if you are not the same, the maximum can appear on the home page, of course we love the Shanghai encyclopedia promotion is the best choice the maximum matching, if not then we can do the most relevant entry, so maybe there will be a good ranking. So this is why we have chosen to promote the cause of.

the following is to explain how to use love Shanghai encyclopedia to promote our website, as an entry in my speaking, I want to do this words is sheep farming, but the word is not as Wikipedia entry, unless you are a book, otherwise not possible by. Because it is not a word but two words, do not meet the entry standards included love Shanghai. But behind a net word is another matter, it becomes the sheep breeding net, this is a word. If only the sheep breeding it is two words, do not conform to the rules of the encyclopedia, Wikipedia rules is only a word, so in order to intercept the sheep breeding this keyword traffic, so I selected the sheep farm as Wikipedia entries, and the creation of. Although not the largest, but also the count is the most relevant, we look at the search in the fall in love with the sea sheep breeding performance


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