Shopping guide website operation core to analyze from the user’s point of view

now love Shanghai shopping guide website, the number of sites is very much, but also look down quite a lot of misunderstanding, and even some misunderstanding is fatal. From the perspective of the shopping site, to sell goods is king, under the profound thought, will not be able to buy goods from who, objective factors of customer purchase desire and use, age and consumption levels, these factors also are in the construction site should be considered.

for shopping guide website, vision is the first one, a good web design, can give customers a good impression. The safest design method is simple and elegant, simple design, can let customers at a glance of the style is the most lovable, the most safe. On the contrary, I have seen a lot of make a very complex site, looks like some phishing sites, it is easy to bring feeling to the customer. So, a simple design can get the trust of customers.

website at the time of construction, must be convenient for the premise, I saw a very good website design, but when you want to buy, but can not find the link, after looking for a few times, the desire to buy is gone, I believe I’m not the only one who encountered such a problem one day, as can be imagined, this website lost the number of potential customers, so that the construction site must build on the basis of the convenient and intuitive.

concise definition is not simple, simple, if a shopping guide website wants to go high-end line, must be in the art of Kung Fu, and more delicate and more attention to detail, the more it will remind the customer’s desire to buy. In the web design, website builders should pay attention to in the display of brand, a convenient, not complicated. Secondly, if it is to take the high road, in the collection of color should also be paid attention to, if it is full of Matt, believe that customers saw very strong desire to buy not in color, as a bright, fashion style, I believe the effect will multiplier.

often shop at Taobao knows that a burst.


in website design, a unique and creative is very important, if a new idea, to win the customer smile, or to allow customers to shine at the moment, I believe the conversion rate will increase very much, and in the middle of the attention is not some sensitive areas, to do so is continuously narrow customer base, but also the performance of conservative.

if you want to do long-term business, so we must do their own brand, do their reputation. I also try to buy things in several shopping website, after some things and buy on the website is the same, the products are also good, I will collect the site, when you need it will come back, and some websites just care about short-term interest, the customer only once as a result, never grow, even more and more small.

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