The actual experience of how to break eleven love Shanghai

1. on the website structure adjustment. Some unreasonable navigation column removed, each page is set to the home page links, pages plus related content links, the structure of a tree, the spider crawling up smoothly. And I still added a web site at the bottom of the site map, said that this is conducive to the collection.

2. check the dead links

4. time every day to update the content. The content is the site of the blood, the weight of each big search engine to give the value of the content is very high, useful to the user fresh content search engine is very love, every day we will update the fresh quality (your article whether users love, search engine will be judged according to the hop rate) content.

. Use Adsense tools to check the web site links to death, and promptly removed, the site if there are a lot of dead links would make the search engine crawlers to crawl down, thereby reducing the weight of the station search engine value.

I did, two key words are ranked in the eleven love Shanghai in two weeks time, on the front page is not, let a person very distressed. This is the website of the weight did not get a level, which leads to the long time stay in Eleventh place. I went through some efforts across the ridge, then a brief summary:

The eleven bit

3. Links check. This is very important, if you do Links and the station search engine drop right, even by the K, which will be linked to your site. Some owners do not say give away your links to the website weight declined. So every 32 days to check the site Links, that is the right of the website to inform the other party to remove link.


sites across the ridge is not much difficulty, as long as doing the work, improve the quality of Web site, ranking will naturally go up, now that my Chinese materia medica four times silk has been the first step, and crossed the second threshold rise directly to a high position, ranked second. >

there are three Hom, examination and employment, a website with two Hom, eleven, before the three, whether it is life or the site, each ridge determines your destiny is. This bank today I talk about the website, the first step, eleven how to cross the past, this is what I have encountered, to break through the eleven, we have to use Adsense snacks, hard, it will cross the past, to greet the dawn of Shanghai love home.

5. added every day outside the chain of high quality. Lianji also is an anchor text for the link in the chain of love, now Shanghai is still relatively to Links attention. Every day I will find two high quality with the theme of Links to the site, my principle is that Links not in essence, so I want to exchange links in the very high, snapshot, included quantity, PR value, rank, number, number of outbound links link direction I will see. In addition to Links other chain every day to the construction, the construction of the chain many methods, here is not wordy.

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