The commonly used HTML code and the weight of Shanghai dragon sort

1.Title website title tag

font Tags

H 2 tags will generally be used on the site or small column heading section.

description tags will generally appear in the grasp of the website included snapshot, Shanghai dragon ranking is also have a certain impact, but now the search engines are intelligent, sometimes grab is not your written description tag. And according to the correlation matching user search keywords. General recommendations in the 100 word length should not be too long.

keywords is now also in search of the proportion of above more and more obvious, a lot of search has been proposed to give up, because the search engine can automatically crawl, set up 3 or so you can recommend appropriate.

A label, Nofollow weight transfer, _blank opens a new window of

4. and

Keywords 3.keywords tag


rel tag attribute weights do not transfer property, generally used for Links, or site transferred outside the station link.

Title tag second usage is in A tags inside of the link text emphasizes the. After the mouse will be prompted, can increase website keyword density.

Shanghai dragon HTML must understand, say is wrong at all, but in fact there is no need to understand everything, you understand the use, basically is the effort. Can say do not know a code optimization is not a good optimization qualified. The following summary do optimization, must know a few of the most important HTML code, hope to help you.


H 3 label is generally used in the sidebar headings sub headings.

H label



font emphasis on this text is important, it will tell the search engine of this text, the more important in the text of the page, so some bold words, an article set 3- 5 is appropriate, the whole can not be bold or not bold.

Title tag has two purposes where one is used in the theme of the site, to tell what is the purpose of users of the website, what kind of website, generally used to illustrate the theme of the site of 2- 3 for the best. The current search engine emphasis on Title especially attention so that careful consideration of key words.

description tags

H 1 Tags generally appear in the LOGO page, or a single part of the main title. A page is best in 2 months must not be too much.

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