The new meaning of using the 404 page break

(Figure 1)

believes that for many novice webmaster, when you see some large website page 404 FLASH games, should be more envy? Although FLASH not much for the benefits of search engine optimization, but for the user experience is very good, in addition to the design of FLASH game is very complex, many webmaster is far view and not fondle the advanced stuff, so how can we install a FLASH game can attract users in the 404 page on your

(Figure 2)

, how to set up FLASH 404 games in

add FLASH game code in the 404 page 3, through the above method, we can achieve 404 games on his website page, as shown in figure 2.



page? ?

construction site, it is very difficult for us to avoid the deleted pages, then only 404 pages to help us solve the problem. I believe that as long as the contact of Shanghai dragon after a period of time, for the 404 page will also understand, after all this page bearing to prevent death chain and guide users to a website home page function. Therefore we design the 404 page, should consider how to use this page to attract users to browse.

> 404 page video settings

normally, many 404 pages use a jump instruction "," the benefits of doing so is to avoid misunderstanding the search engine page exists, but return the duplicate content.

1, we can find that FLASH reproduced in the game, and then to the site installation. After all those FLASH game makers are hoping their game can be widely spread. As the game in Figure 1, is a can be reproduced spread FLASH game, we can attract users on the site.

The process of


should be set for the 404 page, there are many very good tutorial on the network, it is no longer the focus of the discussion here. I want to say is, for those well-known sites, even 404 pages, even need to wait 5 seconds before they can return home, but the user is willing to wait, after all these brands have a certain site users viscosity, but for those awareness is not high, the user stickiness is not strong small website and what can we do to achieve even 404 pages, also let users are willing to continue to visit the site, and not easily close the browser? Let us look at the following video games, the 404 page case.

2, in the 404 page, we only need to add a simple code to achieve online FLASH game function:

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