To enhance the user experience of Web site optimization to fast winning

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site open speed how important? At least, such as the present Google and other mainstream search engines love sea Su has speed, into the scope of examination of website quality. From the user perspective, the site open speed, reduce the waiting time of customers, will no doubt get the favor of users. So improve website loading speed, to a certain extent, is to improve the user experience. Many company spared no expense in the search engine sue on heavily on the bidding advertising results, in some cases, keyword advertising is clicked, advertising is consumed, but the site has been unable to open. Do not consume the cost of advertising, but also give users a bad impression.

server configuration

websites are developed based on the technology of dynamic interaction, largely to facilitate the maintenance of website content update. But the dynamic data access technology, will use a lot of judgment, circulation and conditional statement etc.. A little attention will cause the judgment statement forget the end, forget to close the loop and so on. There is a typical negligence, read and write data when the database is opened after forget to shut down. So all these will lead to the site running speed is slow, and even can not run normally. For example, sometimes causing death cycles, the website open consumption of server resources can’t stop, eventually causing the site to run.

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, a web programmer is not standard

line and

site open speed is slow, largely due to the stable operation of the server. Now every place, there are a lot of enterprises engaged in the server hosting, the room, line resources and server configuration is different, the price difference is very big. A room is the same as the configuration for the server host set >

reason causing the site to open slow loading of many, many times by the server is caused by unstable, there are reasons to bring room line problem. The site itself and procedures for the preparation of the standard or not, will affect the site loading speed and stability. No matter which kind of reason causes the website loading speed is slow, the result is the same, will let users feel the site has a problem, even for the company enlarged management problems. So, the website open speed is definitely not a small thing, even more than the website production, website optimization is more important than. Because it is the only guarantee based, stable and fast, in order to show excellent design.


code is not standardized, the site code is simple, code bloated and waste serious code. We know that sends a request to the server by the browser, is need to be dynamic page parsing server to browser executable HTML, sent to the browser display to the user. The smaller the code more concise, in the data transmission process, the time will be shorter, although the time is short to the millisecond. Because the table layout of the nested problem, if the page file is relatively large, it will slow down the page loading speed, the ideal layout is of course DIV+CSS.

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