How to use Links extension chain

publishing success! By analogy, you can also find a lot of information, such as the classification of link trading platform resources. Just imagine, how much you have Links, have their geometric resources.


, a friendly chain, anti chain

like everyone, I do link, is also the first through the webmaster tools query other site data.

can be seen, a Links can bring our rich resources, the premise is to discover. The real charm lies in the interconnection network. So, you can always from a point.

In order to verify the


I think this is a method of


to do the most effective Links. Observation Links website and you observe them and who do Links, and from which the selected for its friendly chain. The advantage of this method is that the other web content may related to you, PR, included similar to yours. Therefore, the object of the other Links is similar with you, which saves the time to find suitable chain. And as you can imagine, the expansion of the Links object is geometrically your own Links object, can be said to be inexhaustible inexhaustible.

opened its Shanghai love snapshot observation, found the post is URL link. To confirm whether it is deleted, we click on the link, the post is still. It can be seen that this section does not prohibit URL code, and by posting the registration time and prestige can be seen, the forum has no special requirement for posting.

, we register an account to the same section.

, very good PR equivalence, love Shanghai high weight, content, home page outbound links less. In accordance with the standard chain. So do the other link, then QQ say "happy", over. I said, this is a waste. Links brings us is not only a high quality link. We click on the chain number "23400", the love of Shanghai into the domain page, by observation of external chain segment website, found the forum, and a number of recent time is included.

two, do friends chain chain,



always see in the forum to complain about the chain less resources, "or it can send the chain site such as similar posts. In fact, the chain of rich resources is on your side, as long as you are good at finding glasses. Of course, you can send a message, wait. But there is no free lunch. Rather than waiting for the sky pie, as to make good use of the resources around. I borrowed a Links to how to extend the chain.

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