Love Shanghai algorithm to adjust the disaster or good luck webmaster

in the continuous improvement of the search engine algorithm, there must be a point out, that is the user experience, as can be imagined the website itself elements is search engine the most attention, personally think that the future of search engine optimization mechanism will pay more attention to the station, with reduced the weight of the chain this piece of the value, because the site is the origin of the user experience, as long as to create outstanding sites to be able to handle the user’s needs; outside chain only to help the role, the same is to play a role in the voting, the high quality of the chain can all vote many weight agile add website, the same can also bring great effect that keyword ranking but, to moment by the user to the resolution of the website, if the internal do not ideal, so that a search engine can pass user action to distinguish the site There is not the value of the site, ranking the adjustment together. In love after Shanghai launched more Scindapsus algorithm to verify this conclusion, the previous crazy to buy the chain, the station group, and so on, as long as there is enough the chain will have good rankings, it is to fight outside the chain, so the chain market was very hot, but many owners have to pay a heavy price a large number of websites, K, website ranking and traffic plummeted, miserable, so now we do, we must pay attention to control the chain, do the formal chain, this will have the effect of slowly accumulating.

love Shanghai pomegranate is undoubtedly increased the algorithm launched website originality in website optimization integration, weaken the dominant position of the chain, from the entire Internet ecological environment, low quality advertising more and more numerous are >


first, love Shanghai chain control:

chain was once many think is one of the most important elements of search engine optimization of, and no one in the eyes of many owners, the chain will be the main elements of keyword ranking, from the function optimization once, the chain does occupy a large proportion, not on the web site of the architecture, how the quality of content just outside the chain, a lot of support, the same key can be obtained excellent effect, the development of software, software * *, undoubtedly is to add the chain number fast, agile and make customized ranking keyword occurrence.

love Shanghai this year frequent big adjustment for Shanghai dragon Er, namely fear and worry, many webmaster website ranking back to the night before liberation, a large number of Web sites are K, caused by a lot of panic, but also a small part of the fledgling stationmaster is perhaps an opportunity to seize this opportunity may a rich, whether it is a blessing or a curse, everyone should face the usual, because this is someone else’s platform, others say all the rules, we only can do it follow the steps to adjust and perfect. Now a lot of Shanghai Longfeng content and knowledge have become the past, want to do their own website optimization more reasonable, we must always pay attention to love Shanghai new algorithm update and launched today, give you a summary of reasons after updating website ranking.

second, website content originality:

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