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I tried to respond to this question before

first, quantitative management of their own personal time.

fortunately, both the questioner and the majority of the entrepreneurs should have found what they are really interested in. So, for these entrepreneurs, then, what means and tools should be used to better plan their own time,

| Liubixiefu management by recording the time of |


lead: entrepreneurs burden the complexity of the matter, the density of the schedule, often they can not make good planning time.

1. increase the amount of time: improve time utilization.

with the TV series "energy-saving" hit, "Millennium repair why Chen" and the language again swept the girls heart, shouting must marry a lawyer. It seems that the rumors said lawyers are good at time management as false, otherwise why why Chen as a venture partner, but also with Zhao Mosheng all over the world about

reduces / eliminates waste of time and rearranging its time by recording time and analyzing time.

, but because of the time problem, after all, your project survived for a long time, and your view could stand the test of time, which became the key issue. Now, a year has gone by, at least in this year, we do WeChat orders, this piece of entrepreneurship is survived, this shows that our view is temporarily tenable.

therefore, while we are making WeChat orders, we are not only a competitive relationship, but also a cooperative relationship with Amoy and the United States network. When we started our business, we were often asked by people around us, including some clients who would like to act on behalf of our products. In fact, every business, every is considered a good project, if you are looking for investors will encounter this problem: if the Tencent also do this project you do? here the Tencent can change for sh419, Ali and so on any giant enterprise therefore, this is a not open around the topic and like the chicken or the egg, but you will need to be unclear about the topic of Qing dynasty.

, as Li Kaifu said, "pick a week, record every 30 minutes every day, and then make a classification and statistics to see what you spend too much time on."……. At the end of the week, analyze how your schedule can be more efficient this week. Do you have a large percentage of activities? Is there a way to increase efficiency? "

has a habit, he can remember and record what he has done and spend at the end of the day. He doesn’t need to write a feeling or a mood. He just needs to keep his records and analyze them every week.

hardships – survival under the platform

in fact, the burden of the complexity of the business, the density of the schedule, often make them unable to plan the time. In addition, entrepreneurs also need to take into account team time management, which is undoubtedly more difficult to test the entrepreneur.


, especially after the Internet, that’s what we’re talking about now

century love?

in the business process, and we are the industry changing consumption habits of users, before we do not believe that WeChat can be used to order takeout, until this year, the consumption habits have been recognized. In particular, similar to Amoy spot, the United States Mission Network and other crazy propaganda and promotion, more and more users have accepted this shopping style of consumption.

last May and June, in the case of a lot of public accounts, suddenly sprouted an idea, through WeChat to order. At that time, I wrote a set of codes in my spare time, but at that time, many people didn’t know much about the use and play of WeChat, so it was not ideal. It was not until August and September that some of the ideological pioneers began to find our advice and purchase. It is precisely because of the first batch of users support me, so in November last year, I decided to resign, entrepreneurship, full-time WeChat meal ordering business.

Zhu Quanwu, Hangzhou map, information technology co-founder

resigned from his business last year and made a WeChat ordering system. It’s been a whole year since then. This is my first venture, but fortunately, this time the entrepreneurial process, although difficult, but also relatively smooth, at least in the earnings basically did not give me too much pressure.

one, the most practical personal time management method


, as the founder of this project, when I was doing this project, I firmly believe that the Internet industry must have a contradiction and unity of opposites. It’s a little philosophical, so let’s put it straight. That is, "platform" and "go to platform" coexist, centralization and de centralization coexist, they are contradictory opposites, but they coexist and perish. None of us can destroy anyone.

origin – WeChat ordering business road

entrepreneurs should pay attention to and deal with a lot of things, there are many unexpected circumstances, if not to do important things first, it is easy to get involved. One day, I felt a lot done, but in fact, important things did not advance. >

second, clear goals, first things first.

Li Kaifu believes that the first step in managing your time effectively is to do what you are really interested in and consistent with your goals in life. Because our "productivity" and "interest" have a direct relationship, and this relationship is not a simple linear relationship. Therefore, the key to changing the state of time is psychological rather than physiological. What really needs to be put into your work is an attitude, a desire, a will.

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