Novice webmaster website optimization need to grasp the optimization measure

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2. update every day a large number of web content, but the content of the main source of others by gathering the content of the website, no originality. This will lead to the exclusion of other search engines love Shanghai.

two, excessive external optimization is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

4. website internal links, is always the target keywords as anchor text point to the home page. The chain link will be natural and reasonable to the deep content page, not only to the home page.

1. newcomers know the web page where you can according to keywords optimization, so these keywords should highlight the place on the keywords. For example, title tags, H tags, keywords and description, using bold, italic, internal anchor text, image ALT attributes and so on.

3. internal web site keywords, the content in no reasonable arrangement of keywords appear, resulting in high density of keywords.

for a new Shanghai dragon Er, site optimization mentality is always too eager, always want their website ranking, flow can be quickly improved in a short period of time. I know this thing is not possible (except for cheating), even cheating the ranking, increase traffic is only a short period of time, without any effect on the long-term optimal terms. But we also found that for those who do not use cheating to optimize your website for the novice, the site is still not included, no ranking, low weight and so on, these every day hard work of novice Shanghai dragon Er, is a heavy blow. Why is there such a phenomenon? The main reason is that the site is excessive optimization, so novice website optimization need to grasp the optimization measure. Beginners over website optimization is mainly reflected in two aspects: internal and external optimization excessive excessive optimization.

site will lead to excessive optimization site is punishment "

, excessive internal optimization is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

adds a number of external links 1. in the short term, beginners always think that the chain for the emperor, the chain that the more the better, it will continue to increase the number of foreign chains, this is very dangerous for a new station. When the increase of external links should be gradual. For example, the first day of the chain site can be increased by 5, increased to 10 in second days, every day gradually increased, if too much of the increase in the chain, it is easy to be search engine abandoned.

When the

3. the purchase of a large number of black chain, trying to get links from high weight, high PR website. If the site quality and user experience is the same industry in the rise above the common herd, so excessive optimization performance will not be a big problem, but the site quality is poor, it may lead to punishment.

2. external links lack of change, always with the target keyword anchor text link, or external link anchor text and web page title high anastomosis.

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