nterview with entertainment treasure head from the financial products transformation equity raised

entertainment treasure made in the past two years the main achievement is the movie marketing chips based on the user entertainment treasure is more like a fixed return of financial products, corresponding to the film side, despite the completion of treasure through entertainment publicity, marketing is very busy, but the relatively high cost of financing this should not be the star of the congregation raised entertainment treasure products should stay form.

173UN marketing platform formally launched, you do not have to worry about the site, only the flow of advertising revenue is not enough to maintain the cost of the site! 173UN marketing platform to support the market for a variety of mobile, Unicom, telecom various types of channels, main products are film and television, friends, IVR, QB, ringtones, quiz! 173UN direct marketing platform with a number of SP companies, a direct channel marketing platform, eliminating the multilayer CP channel’s exploitation, make your site more profit!


Note: a Although

whether Ali pictures of COO Deng Kangming, or Yu Wei, said in the "birthday party" conference, entertainment treasure to return to the beginning of the heart, with all the chips in the form of helping ordinary people become a movie producer, also let more young creators can no longer subject to capital and not to display their talent.

since it was incorporated into Ali pictures, entertainment treasure actually some silence, said Ali pictures vice president, general manager Yu Wei accepted a treasure entertainment entertainment observation interview in June 12th, from the beginning of the second half of last year, entertainment treasure began to do strategic transformation, "we are actually own the slow rhythm, but also to seek breakthrough for a film and a better model for the fans."

can see the return of the great sage has not raised the nature of the equity raised by all the great success, but after all, with the nature of public offerings raised by the public are very different. Once the public offering is carried out, in fact, not every investor in strict sense of "qualified investors", especially equity investment projects are usually in the number of losses are less. For ordinary entertainment treasure users – those who have been accustomed to the fixed income of financial products to "investment" entertainment treasure fans, once faced with the project >

finally opened to raise public shareholding pattern, an ant payment service

entertainment entertainment treasure at the Shanghai Film Festival, the home court to do a grand birthday two years on, has signed with paramount, including the Hollywood Fuchs derivatives development cooperation ceremony, and SNH48 brought the song and dance performances, and the auction site anxious auction link, a warm atmosphere to that of power interruption two – if it is thought that this power must have the birthday party is complete, blow out the candles.

173UN is currently marketing hot "heavily to build brand, get cash" activities, the details about www.173un


entertainment treasure finally involved in the public equity raise this is still some sensitive financial zone, but it has a great energy partner – ant payment service, the company’s "ant as guest" and "master" financial Jingdong, "peace Qianhai congregation is the first batch of June 2015 public offering to raise public equity the pilot platform, that is to say the ants have a gold suit to raise public shareholding qualification. However, to raise public equity and some legal and regulatory issues to help clarify and solve the ant gold suit, so Yu Wei cautiously expected entertainment treasure to raise public equity will be a breakthrough in the second half of this year.


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