Shanghai Longfeng optimization of three kinds of Shanghai dragon Er only for a common purpose

second, Shanghai dragon industry training of the regular army. The optimization of industry of the regular army, the first obvious feature is the more active thinking, have their own a set of detailed site optimization process, capable of binding site in different time periods in the website optimization process, an antidote against the disease targeted deployment site optimization scheme and strategy, which is called one of the regular army, out of common the Internet is a lot of training institutions, love Shanghai Shanghai dragon home most search site with training function, the name of the specific institutions in this regard, in order to avoid the suspicion of advertising, one of the regular army, the optimization idea and thinking through a rigorous training, so they have a very strong theoretical basis, with the previous optimization his mature ideas can make the website quickly, but once the site in the optimization process right down, row A regular army against these floating laurels thinking, the key may be a short time can not find the problem, but their systematic thinking strong and powerful analysis and learning ability, can make their own methods to solve the problems found in the process of gradually self exploration in the obvious characteristics of this kind of Er is the ability to adapt to the Shanghai dragon very strong, even in an unfamiliar area, because of a strong base to pave the way for thinking as soon as they come into.

third, er senior Shanghai dragon has been the industry explorers and researchers. The Shanghai dragon Er is the legendary Montana level, the Shanghai dragon ER in the industry are like the dazzling light was burning a handful, their talent is not from a Xing.

we know that many webmaster website optimization technology ability is directly influence the website optimization effect, most of us throughout the industry of Shanghai dragon Er, or many of the levels are not the same, today the author and we mainly analysis, present main composition and source of contrast Shanghai dragon and Phoenix Er, let everyone know under the current optimization industry, characteristics, dragon Er Shanghai, we chat less Syria, into today’s topic, Shanghai dragon industry optimization of three different types of Shanghai dragon Er only for a common purpose.

first, many webmaster is accidentally diverted from Shanghai dragon er. This kind of feature is not obvious after learning the system, the main feature is that many of them are from other industries to switch over, the Shanghai dragon Er general combat ability weak concept of thinking and optimize the system but through a lot of long-term the actual touch head broken and bleeding gradually in the industry have a space for one person, this kind of Shanghai dragon distinct characteristic is that by ER and site construction related industries turn to, such as web technology, web design, as a multitasker, have embarked on the optimization of the road, of course this kind of Shanghai dragon er experience it is very rough, one of several roles also continue to study optimization, along the way this insistence and perseverance I believe in this kind of webmaster Reflect the most obvious, before the author is such webmaster is finally transferred to the establishment of the above optimization.

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