Taking into account the search optimization forum to coping with the junk information

three information?Method:

webmaster do optimization for the forum, it is the most laborious, on the one hand to do the user experience on a slogan, search engine optimization, on the other hand is perfect. Otherwise the particularity between the forum, the two even missing, then will be doomed to difficult development forum. The development of the forum, what is it hinder the stumbling block for many reasons?. But if both search, the "junk" information is in the forum is undoubtedly the biggest barrier for development. Because of a harmonious development forum, "clean" communication environment is the necessary basic conditions, and the search engine is more focused on the "quality" of the popular site. So, as a webmaster forum how to better cope with these "junk"


two Methods:



set the random posting privileges, not Cheng Fangyuan, is each forum posting privileges to carefully set. But in different stages, different types of the forum to set permissions as different, or if there are problems, the development of the forum will stop. The setting is too strict, the user objectionable are scattered away, after all, so many Internet forums, to stay for you? If you want to be too loose, the forum can become a "junk" paradise. In fact, it illustrates a truth: the forum does not give the user enough under the premise, the user will face what "permission rules" choose to leave, if the forum is good enough, but also afraid of others to leave? It is worth considering.

generally speaking, most of the forum management or moderators or face spam forum, often use the method of "the most original delete" to solve the problem. Delete a few, it may not matter, but if the large amount of information, it will have a serious impact on the site. Delete the information leads to a 404 error, once the content is indexed by search engines, if repeated inspection found 404 mistakes, what will happen? Light leads to lower the engine search trust, weight may lead to drop right also said that bad. In fact, this point and revision of the site’s webmaster, stressed that not to modify the structure of the website is a reason.


forum keyword filtering, presumably most of the forum have such a mechanism? No way, now the flow of information is in a terrible mess, in order to purify the forum environment, can only be processed on keyword. But the problem has cropped up, filtering much of it, may affect the normal site to post, after the machine is the machine, such as "emotional" if shield "pornography", this post is not a waste? Even if a webmaster to shield those forum advertising web site, is also worrying. Screening of "www."? No, for a full mode or in the middle of a space, send up. So, the forum keyword filtering, webmaster do more is still inadequate. After all, consider the search should also consider the user, both are indispensable.


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