Shanghai Longfeng orders stable keywords ranking is the key

The long-term stability of

chain this link into the final purpose, believe that everyone is clear. This relates to the chain link details too much, need to take seriously.

second, website update frequency stability. Here mainly includes stability update frequency, the daily update an article, until the keywords ranking stable, can choose every two days update once, but need to frequency stability.


2. website content quality and frequency can not be careless.


blog was officially closed, is also a headache for people. The only way, only pay attention to the blog content construction >

Shanghai Longfeng researchers hope to long-term stability of keywords, from Shanghai dragon merciless urged customers. Shanghai Longfeng customers want to occupy the home long term, improve the company’s business volume! So how to let the keywords as long as possible in

in the competition in the industry, if the quality of the product or service with the opponent tie, then the customer service service will be the key to a product or service to win the rival. So is the Shanghai dragon, the customer service service is stable keywords ranking. Why is Wang Shifan today to write this article about the late stable keywords ranking method, because this one in Shanghai Longfeng orders process, an integral part of, and is now more Shanghai Longfeng customer care and worry about the place.

needs to know about the content of the web site points. First, the content of the website quality, whether it is early in time we optimization keywords ranking, or in the maintenance page ranking, we need to do enough for web content, embodied in the good experience and strong correlation between the original high degree of user.

home page? The

later the chain need to be cautious, more cautious.


first, the chain is stable, forum, blog is the mainstream.

you want to keywords, so the stability of the space is not to be underestimated. Do this off will reduce too much unnecessary trouble for the day after

forum account was closed moderator, is the most terrible thing Shanghai Longfeng workers! It will lead to a large number of the chain lost, ranking will naturally follow fluctuations. Only when we constantly explore new forum resources to get out of the situation of resources single, can not suffer too much influence.

said the site selection of space, Wang Shifan has his own view! Is not what the website needs to use the brand space, generally divided into two types: first, the website is only used to do, how long did not intend to do the case, Taobao can choose a relatively good reputation space, cheap and space is not bad. Second, the site is used for the company or personal blog for long campaign, this situation needs to choose the space business brand, in order to avoid taking on small space to run away.

1. powerful server space too.

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