Shanghai Longfeng changing online promotion to strain

two: multi-level for visitors publicity site

is the basic content of each site of the site. The content of the website is always our goal for the visitor service, the author found that many people take Shanghai dragon too seriously, just blindly in order to win over the search engine, ignoring the visitor’s needs; mining flow blindly, forget what visitors want. Our site is not simply provide text search engine love, but also provide products, but also gives visitors a communication platform, like a line of home. These are part of the content of the target is as much as possible to allow visitors to stay in the target site, can become loyal users of a web site.

in search engine optimization industry (Shanghai dragon) friends very hard, not only need to face the tedious work, but also constantly update to search engine algorithms, many sites because they can not reach the standards of search engine and face down K station. In fact, imagine that we don’t really have rely on search engines to be able to extricate themselves out of

indeed, Shanghai dragon is one of the most effective means of online promotion, lucrative target for the site to bring flow, this is an inescapable fact. However, as the online promotion, the most taboo is that all the egg is put in a basket, especially Shanghai dragon. Because Shanghai dragon is changing, we cannot in all aspects of doing well. Therefore, from the long-term strategy, we need to prepare, expand marketing channels and promotion, our online promotion will not be confined to one direction.



: continued to meet visitors demand content

change is our target user, we always Everfount the needs of users, the site operators as long as we continue to analyze and meet the needs of users, so the development of the site will not be restricted by. The changing face of Shanghai dragon, how we strain Parry? The answer is simple: it is always with the user as the center, to improve site user experience, let the target visitors can quickly obtain the site information, and on the site of the satisfaction and trust.


so, we face the target visitors from the site to promote the point of view, we should do the following.


propaganda site let visitors know the site, which is advertised. Shanghai dragon is the most important means, but we can not rigidly adhere to the Shanghai dragon, we need a multi pronged. To promote our site, gathered first to clear our target visitors, of course we can’t just stick to the previous line, we may consider funding problems, to the main line. "

Shanghai dragon is fast changing, what is the same? How can we resist strain

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